Jessica Alba & Honor: Mani-Pedi Princesses

Check out my nails mom!

Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba treated her darling daughter Honor, 3, to a fun mommy-daughter day of pampering at a local nail salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (November 16).

Little Honor seemed to really be getting into the whole experience while happy mama Jess started snapping some pics of her brown eyed beauty on her phone! The adorable duo both received manicures and pedicures but it looks like only Honor went the multi-colored route!

Jessica has been busy with motherhood lately – she gave birth to youngest daughter Haven only months ago – but the actress is also busy lending her celebrity clout to urge U.S. politicians to improve the safety of chemicals used in household products.

Like millions of other mothers out there, Jessica wants approval of the Safe Chemicals Act to ensure her kids and others aren’t exposed to harmful toxins, stating:

I just gave birth to my second child, and I can tell you that there is no stronger instinct for a mum then (sic) wanting to protect her kids and keep them safe. My children have made me conscious of every product I buy, from toys to mattresses to cleaning products. There is no requirement that the chemicals used in consumer products be tested for safety, even if they’re used in products made for children. Would you give your child medicine that hadn’t been tested to make sure it was safe? That’s why parents are demanding action from Congress now. That’s why we need the Safe Chemicals Act.”

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Photo credit: Fame/Bauer Griffin/Flynet

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame how the paps have to follow these people getting mani-pedis, geez.

    • Anonymous


      What I find strange though is how “accessible” and”communal” these salons are, especially for the well-heeled in Hollywood — you would think that stars would go to places that have private rooms vs. sitting alongside other patrons in full view of passersby outside.

      I don’t live in Bev. Hills, nor am I a millionaire, but in my experience, only the low-market places offered these services in a communal setting.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t ‘follow’ her, she’s not famous enough to warrant that – she tips them off through her management team where she’s going to be!

      • SARA

        EXACTLY!!! And if she doesn’t want to be photo’d, WHY go to these shops?? Go somewhere near your house or somehwere pap’s don’t go!! You can’t tell me they know where you’re at EVERY time you go out!!

      • Anonymous

        She’s not famous enough to warrant that? Then why do they show up when “her management” tells them where she’ll be? If photos of her had no value, they wouldn’t even come.

  • Nina D.

    So cute! <3

  • Anonymous

    she’s been dressing honor really bad lately, and i also believe she calls the paps or something there’s an overdose of pics of her and her family.

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