Rachel Zoe & Her Blue Eyed Boy

Check out those peepers!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe toted her adorable 7-month-old son Skyler through the streets of Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (November 16).

The famous fashion lover was dressed in her trademark shades and a black top, paired with some form fitting flares and a cute ruffled shrug. Skyler rocked a printed hat and miniature driving moccasins.

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  • arabella

    Skyler is adorable.

    • louise

      That kid is SOOOO FAT! I love it

  • jenny

    “form fitting flares” ?????????????????? that implies that the flares have something to hang on to which is clearly not the case here. scarecrows look better.

    • Anonymous

      I think the baby weighs more than she does!

      • Anon.

        That’s because (unlikeher) he’s probably eating solid food.

  • Anonymous

    Love those cheeks.

  • Janna

    I love all of his little hats!

  • Megan

    Is it just me or does that stupid hat make Sklyer look like a girl in these photos? He’s adorable, his hat and his mother’s fashion sense, are not so cute.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, he’ll start asserting himself sooner or later and she’ll have to find a new (hopefully inanimate) dress up doll

    • Anonymous

      Rachel Zoe needs to come with therms that she had a baby penis, not a girl! That hat looks ridiculous and skinny jeans don’t work on a chunky baby! He looks totally gay, like the fat guy in Bird Cage….poor thing…she put an ugly hat on him the other day too…

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure he looks like a girl – the outfit is just plain horrible, for either sex 😀 Poor little mite. I hope his mothers knows (or will realise) that he is a person, not a dress-up doll.

  • Heart

    Beautiful baby i love him

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Raisin-Face is the most miserable “celeb” ever and she seems to have passed it on to her fashion accessory… sorry, son! I’ve never seen that little boy smile in any pictures, it’s like he’s never seen one to mimic! Poor little thing!

    • Anonymous

      Click on the Skyler Berman tag and five posts back he’s totally smiling. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Poor child has a girlie name and is dressed like a girl. Why do celebrities do these things to their children?!

  • Anonymous

    Sklyer like a girl .flynn more handsome than sklyer

  • Sophia

    It would’ve taken so long to get Skyler’s pudgy little legs into those skinny jeans, and I don’t get it. They just don’t look right on a baby. He’s totally adorable but the things his mother puts him in are kind of ridiculous. Whatever happened to a good old pair of overalls or a onesie?

    • anonymous

      I think she should have gone out and bought a doll instead of having a baby. It’s one thing to be extravagant and buy top of the line clothes, but you can do this without making the child look ridiculous — as you say, overalls, onesies, et. al.

  • anonymous

    Looking at her makes me want to head to the fridge for a snack.

  • lovely baby!!Hold a child to pay attention to posture?

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