Alicia Keys: Motherhood Is A Billion Times Better Than Expected

Like most moms, singer Alicia Keys is happy to gush about her baby boy Egypt, who celebrated his first birthday last month: “He’s awesome!,” she says. “I’m having a ball!”

In fact, the ‘No One’ singer reveals that so far motherhood has far exceeded her already high expectations.

“Motherhood is a billion times better than I expected, and I already expected it to be great. It’s all the things everyone ever said, but you don’t know it until you’re there. It’s a really special time, and I feel so honored that I get to help somebody in this world find his wings, and navigate and learn happiness, and be loved. Actually, he’s helping me learn, because I’m smarter now.”

On the red carpet at last week’s Keep a Child Alive’s 8th annual Black Ball in New York City, Alicia and her husband Swizz Beatz already had the holidays in mind. The songstress said that they plan to keep things simple this year.

It’s a really cool holiday for me, it’s the first one where our son is like, conscious, he’s not just a ball laying there,” Alicia laughed. “It’s great to be about giving more so than receiving. And now with a son, I think about that more. Because his birthday came and it was like a hundred trillion thousand gifts and I was like, this can’t happen for Christmas! Like, I need to figure this out now, ’cause he’s not going to be the terror (of a) five year old…I think that’s what this holiday is really about for us – simplicity.”

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