Nicolás ‘Colate’ Vallejo: Smoke Break With Baby

Nicolás ‘Colate’ Vallejo was photographed smoking a cigarette while waiting outside of his hotel with his son Andrea and the nanny in Mexico City on Tuesday (November 10). That same evening, mama Paulina Rubio was seen at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

On Monday (November 14) – which happened to be Andrea’s first birthday – Paulina attended a press conference in Mexico City for the release of her new album Brava.

Brava is Paulina’s second bilingual album. “The launch of this album comes at a time where I have more peace and feel more mature.” Paulina says. “The passing of a great pillar of my family and the birth of my first child have made me understand many things, especially the cycle of life and how important it is to celebrate it.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin/Fame

  • Anonymous

    Great, smoke and let that child breathe in those toxic fumes. MORON.

  • Anonymous

    Good job dad. Idiot

  • Anonymous

    Of course there is going to be negative alarmist comments on here. They are OUTSIDE and that cigarette smoke is probably not even half as toxic as the pollution in the air we all breathe every second of every day, especially in places like Mexico City. It’s not like he’s blowing smoke in the kid’s face. And, no, I’m not a smoker. But I’m also not a overreactive idiot.

  • Anonymous

    how is no one freaking out that his smoking next to his baby?

  • Nina D.

    My Dad smoked long before I was born until I was almost a teenager, but he NEVER did it around me. This man is a horrible Father.

  • ChiTownEggHead

    I get sick when I see parents smoking in front of their children.

    • Anon2

      Then you have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands.

      • Megan

        And how exactly does common sense translate into too much time on one’s hands?

        Please enlighten us, tell me this father isn’t drastically increasing this baby’s chances of developing healthy, cancer-free lungs?

  • Anonymous

    Nanny is tending to baby, why not take smoke break somewhere else?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 01:14 pm…even if he is smoking outside you know the baby is breathing in those fumes since the baby is right there. Everytime I pass someone smoking outside, even if I am not that close, I can smell the smoke. It’s disgusting. Shame on him for doing it in front of his child. Yes I know Mexico City is extremely polluted so why the hell add more pollutants into your child’s lungs

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