Shanna Moakler: The Kids Can’t Get Tattoos At 16!

Heavily-inked rocker Travis Barker recently said that his three children – stepdaughter Atiana, 12, and kids Landon, 8, and Alabama, 5 – can get tattoos as early as age 16. So does mama, blonde beauty Shanna Moakler, agree?

@celeb_babyscoop ummm that’s a negative!” the 36-year-old former Miss USA tweeted to Celebrity Baby Scoop. “Though he tries to fight me on it! Ha!” she added.

No one said co-parenting is easy!

Who do you agree with? Shanna or Travis?

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  • Anon

    Chances are that the “have to have it” tattoo one would get at age 16 would not still be relevant at age 25…

  • Anna

    It’s childish to use twitter for debating your parenting decisions with your ex. But I agree with her. 16 is too young to get tattoos.

  • em714

    is that a recent pic of her? if yes, then- yikes what did she do to her face?! looking a little like that over-snipped catwoman plastic surgery freakshow!

    • Anon2

      She’s looking a LOT like a catwoman.

      What the hell?!?! She was a pretty woman and now look at her. Ugh… unbelievable.

      • Sooz

        Thats exactly what I was thinking!!!

        • Louise

          Same here!

  • Anon2

    Hate to break it to her, but they probably only require ONE parent to consent.

  • Anonymous9

    She seems awfully young to have gone fullblown cosmetic surgery already. Maybe she ought to warn the kids about that, too. “Listen, kiddies, mommy wouldn’t be so scary looking if she weren’t so vain. Don’t be that way; maybe go to school or something.”

    • Anonymous

      You put my thoughts into words exactly! Hilarious and true!

  • SMH

    Tattoos are not the end of the world. Granted when getting one you should consider that it will be there for the rest of your life so make it count but idk I had a mom and dad who didn’t have tattoos and one day I just decided I wanted one (so did my brother) and we got them (even my mom). I was only 14 and my bro was 16. He now has them all over and I have 5 small but we both have some that are quite meaningful (breast cancer ribbons, in memory ribbons, children’s names etc)
    If my kid wants a tattoo at 16 I would probably consent but with consent means I get to have a say in whether I think it’s appropriate or not. There used to be a day where you couldn’t get a job with tattoos and piercings and for the most part today that’s not the case but if you know for sure you want to do something in life where tattoos will be frowned upon I suggest not doing it.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the big deal for a kid to wait two years extra to get a tattoo? Why do they need it at 16 if it bothers one of the parents? Tattoos aren’t something people can’t live without so what’s the rush? At eighteen, they can do what they want and then if they regret it, they can’t hold it against mom and dad for agreeing. I got my tattoos as an adult and I don’t regret it, but it wasn’t a snap decision for me and for most 16 yr olds they can’t see very far out. I mean how many of them think their lover at 16 is the love of their life? A bunch, but come on! I say if it bothers one parent, tell the kid no and then they can make their own decision at 18.

  • Anonymous

    Each time I see a picture of this little boy he looks bothered and disturbed, I wonder if anyone has the sense to ask him if he WANTS to be in a picture with his hair and nails done and dressed by grownups.. I really feel sorry for him.. BTW whats on his poor neck??

  • Sara

    I don’t think she has gotten plastic surgery. She looks exactly the same as she used to. She’s still beautiful!!! EFF THE HATERS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Atiana is gorgeous.

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