Katherine Heigl On Adoption: Just Do It!

Katherine Heigl is a big proponent of adoption – she and husband Josh Kelley adopted daughter Naleigh two years ago, and Katherine’s sister Meg Heigl-Beltran is also adopted. Now the Grey’s Anatomy actress is teaming up with other celebs to bring attention to adoption and foster care. “I think it’s so rewarding for everybody and it’s just so amazing to become a parent no matter how you become one,” she said.

“Just do it!” Katherine said, when asked what message she would send out to those considering adopting a child.

“I have this amazing, beautiful daughter in my life that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and I have this amazing wonderful beautiful sister in my life that I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” she continued. “So I think adoption should be on everybody’s mind and people should be a little more open to it.”

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  1. Anonymous

    If only it wasn’t expensive! Crazy how much money it is to adopt. Children should not be bought, just given a good, loving family

    • Grace

      Adopted children are not bought. The adoption fees go to covering the legal expenses (paperwork, homestudies, etc.) It’s very offensive to imply that people are buying babies when they pay those fees.

      And there are ways to adopt that are less expensive. There are also organizations that offer adoption grants for those who can’t afford the full fee.

      • Anonymous

        Do tell. I’ve always wanted to adopt but scared off by the cost.

        • Grace

          One of the cheapest ways to adopt is to adopt out of the foster care system. A lot of people get confused by this form of adoption and believe that adopting out of the foster care system means first becoming a foster parent, with the birth parents waiting in the wings to possible take the child back, but there are actually 150,000 children in the foster care system whose birth parents have already had their rights severed. They are completely free to be adopted. Nia Vardalos (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) has talked about this subject in past interviews.

          If you adopt out of the foster care system, the legal fees are significantly lower than if you adopt privately through an agency. Sometimes the cost is as little as a few hundred dollars.

          Also, there are some adoption lawyers who operate on a sliding scale fee. That would require doing some research to see if you can find a lawyer like that in your area.

          Then there are organizations such as Show Hope (Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife started this organization) which gives partial grants (I believe of $5,000) to people who can’t afford to adopt. There are other organizations that also offer grants, but I can’t think of the names off the top of my head. If you google adoption grants you should be able to find them.

          I’ve also heard that some employers now offer programs that help fund, or partially fund, adoptions for their employees. And some banks are now offering financing programs for adoptions.

    • Audrey

      My granddaughter was adopted as a newborn 3 years ago. After home studies, required parenting classes, court fees, adoption center fees and lawyer fees is was $22,000. If the birth mother had not had insurance it would have been more. They only had to pay her deductable. This is in Oklahoma.

    • Anonymous

      I Am currently in the midst of adoption from my home state. The cost is $1,100US Dollars a d once I sign the final adoption papers I get a little over $800 dollars back. They only have you put the cost up front for your home case studies and to make sure you are serious. At this point I am all done and I am just waiting patiently and anxiously for the agency to call me and say my daughter is here.

  2. Anonymous

    True, true- but all those fees are crazy. No wonder there are so many kids sitting in orphanages.

  3. anonymous

    “Just do it!” Easier said than done.

  4. Mandy

    Having a child is expensive with hospital bills and if something goes wrong or the baby is sick the expenses only increases and people don’t let that stop them from having kids so why should you let the expenses of adoption stop you from adopting. Some of the fees go to the orphanage to help pay for the expenses of the children and caretakers, yes it’s a lot but you’re not giving one child a home/family your helping the other children out as well.

    Some insurance policy will cover adoption and there are organizations that help with the fees so do your research don’t just give up if you really want to give a child a home.

  5. Anonymous

    If you adopt through your local Department of Children and Family Services the process is lengthy but fees are not charged.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks Grace for all that info!

  7. Audrey

    In Oklahoma the main aim of the foster care program is to reunite the children with the birthparents so one can have a child for years and still not be able to adopt. A family friend has 4 siblings for over two years and the state is still working on reuiniting the birth family. That is a long time to be on hold. That is one of the reasons my children went through an agency. They didn’t want to love a child only to lose it that way.

    • Grace

      There are 2 different ways to adopt out of the foster care system. There’s the method you mentioned, the forster-to-adopt approach, but there are also children in foster care who have already been legally emancipated from their birth parents, so in that case the birth parents have no chance of regaining custody of the child.

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