Beyonce Strikes A Pregnant Pose

Mom-to-be Beyonce was in fine form at last night’s screening of her new DVD release, Live at Roseland: The Elements of 4, at the Paris Theatre in New York City (November 20).

Covering her growing belly in a long black Cavali gown with gold accents, the ‘Single Ladies’ singer looked positively radiant as she posed for pictures on her way into the show.

Due in February, the baby will be the first for Bey and her husband Jay-Z. Though the couple haven’t revealed whether they’re thinking pink or blue, Beyonce’s friend Kelly Rowland recently let slip the big news: It’s a girl!

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Photo credit: Fame

  • anonymous

    Beyonce looks beautiful as always. I so don’t want to sound like a hater because I don’t have anything against her whatsoever but I have to say that her bump in the first picture looks very questionable.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree! I don’t know weather it’s the dress or something else but her belly looks very fake here.

  • LaKesha

    Why would Beyonce need to fake a pregnancy?

  • Al

    I doubt anyone would question the authenticity of her baby bump if it wasn’t for previous rumours. She shouldn’t have to prove her pregnancy to anyone, and quite frankly, it shouldn’t be anyone elses business to begin with. I agree with LaKesha, why would she? So ridiculous that people are even speculating that.

  • Anonymous

    They’re not saying she’s faking the pregnancy, it’s just maybe she’s not as far along as she wants us to think she is.

  • Anonymous

    It’s because there is something so weird about this pregnancy. First there’s the huge belly at the VMAs when it turns out she was only 3 months pregnant, then all the pictures shortly after where there was no belly to be seen, then that weird video interview where she walks out looking like she’s in her third trimester and then her belly collapses on itself when she sits down. Now we see pictures of her out in public where it looks like she is barely showing, but every time she makes an official public appearance, her belly is big and round again. It just doesn’t make sense. When a woman is pregnant, her belly gets gradually bigger until birth. It doesn’t grow and shrink and disappear and then come back. I don’t know if she IS or isn’t. Or WHY she would. She’s just had the strangest-looking “pregnancy” I’ve ever seen. But time will tell.

    • Anonymous

      Take a look back at the photos of any celeb (because they’re easily accessible). Depending on what they’re wearing, their bump (God, I hate that expression) can look bigger or smaller, higher or lower.

      The conspiracy theories surrounding this woman’s pregnancy are hysterical!

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