Heather Locklear & Jack Wagner Call Off The Wedding (For Their Kids!)

Just a couple months after getting engaged, lovebirds Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner announced last week that they’ve now called off the wedding. Though the news came as a surprise to some, it seems they decided to scratch their planned nuptials for the sake of their kids.

The Bold and the Beautiful actor tells TMZ that he and Heather were so busy planning the wedding that they were left with little time to devote to their kids – she’s mom to 13-year-old Ava from her marriage to Richie Sambora, he has 2 sons with his ex Felicia Wagner.

The pair, who worked together on Melrose Place in the 1990s and eventually started dating in 2007, also reportedly decided that forming a “blended family” would be too hard on the kids.

Though Heather gushed in a recent interview that Ava was “so excited” about the engagement, she did also stress that her daughter remained her top priority, saying, “I want her to do what makes her happy. That’s the main point.”

Jack tells TMZ that despite the split he and Heather are still in touch and “still love each other very much.”

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  1. Sam

    “Felicia Wagner?” you rippped this story off from Us Weekly who got the name wrong after ripping it off of TMZ. “Felicia” was Kristina Malandro’s character’s name on General Hospital. Don’t stoop as low as Us Weekly, generate your own real news

  2. Anonymous

    Did they not know you can still get married without having a big fancy wedding? Going to the city courthouse doesn’t take much time or effort to plan. There’s obviously something else going on there that was the real reason for the split.

  3. Anonymous

    If it’s true that “Jack tells TMZ that despite the split he and Heather are still in touch”, then they didn’t just “scratch their nuptials”, they scratched their entire relationship.

    And are they serious? They spent soooo much time planning a wedding (his SECOND and her THIRD, for cripes sake) that they have no time for their kids?!?!? That’s an idiotic statement if I ever heard one, especially on his part since his kids don’t even live with him.

    The entire “statement” sounds so ridiculous and contrived and made up. Why wouldn’t he just say they broke up and leave it at that???

  4. Anonymous9

    Me thinks the kids hated each other’s guts.

    I got married in Las Vegas in 20 minutes for $100. Still going strong 12 years later; maybe they ought to try that or just stop making up ridiculous stories.

  5. Anonymous

    That is the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard. I like them both, but come on.

  6. Ondine

    Nice, rich Hollywood movie stars blaming their children from prior relationships as to why they have cancelled their engagement and split up. I can only hope this is the real reason, that improper family blending was becoming a problem and one or more of the children didn’t bond with their parent’s newest lover and/or his or her kids. As usual, they gave out too much information, making them both look like foolish phony Hollywood liars, milking and mining their families for publicity about their new single status.

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