Ingrid Vandebosch & Kids: Beach Fun In The Miami Sun

Gorgeous family!

Belgium model Ingrid Vandebosch, wife of Nascar driver Jeff Gordon, spent some time on a scenic Miami beach with their adorable kids Ella Sophia, 4, and Leo Benjamin, 1, on Sunday (November 20).

Jeff recently talked about an upcoming trip to Rwanda with his wife and daughter as part of his work with the Jeff Gordon Foundation. “I can’t wait to take Ingrid and Ella, actually they just got their shots this week to go to Rwanda where we will be going to in early December,” he said.

“I am really excited to get them there and experience it as a family and I know it is going to be tremendous for Ella, to be able to see with their own eyes,” he continued. “She already had so many questions and interest in people when they are ill or have injuries and I think that is a great thing for a young child to see and experience especially from this country and going to other countries and see what is going on.

“I can’t wait to come back and share that with other parts of my family and friends, of what it was like.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

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    BELGIAN, not Belgium.

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