Jessica Alba & Honor: Breakfast Buddies

Actress Jessica Alba began her Monday (November 21) morning with a breakfast date with her 3-year-old daughter Honor at Le Pain Quotidien in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The pretty pair looked like they were enjoying their time together as mama Jess lovingly brushed Honor’s cheek as the little girl smiled back. Check out Honor’s hot pink purse and cool leather jacket!

The stylish duo were recently spotted getting their glam on with mother-daughter mani-pedis at a local nail salon!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • mia

    I think Honor is cute, however she always seems to be dressed like her mother….with big scarves around her neck and stuff. Its weird to me. But if the kid will wear it, why not. I just know many kids would rip that right off, esp in Southern Cal where the coldest it gets is 60 degrees.

    • Anonymous

      How is this weird? Lots of kids are dressed in the same “style” of their parents. You think it would make more sense for a rock star tattooed mother to dress her daughter in pink lace and pinafores? Isn’t it more likely that they’d dress them in a punkier, edgier style (like Gwen Stefani)? It’s the same thing here, Jessica dresses her daughter the way she likes. Nothing weird about it.

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