Britney Spears: My Boys Are “Starting To Understand That It’s Part Of My Work”

Currently on her Femme Fatale tour, Britney Spears found time to talk to Stylist about her children Jayden James, 5, and Sean Preston, 6, and give a small peek into her world outside of the spotlight.

On how her house is decorated: “My house is very traditional. And I love ‘shabby chic’. It’s a very homey-cozy vibe. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen actually, maybe my kids will be doing their homework or that kind of thing when they get home from school. I love my kitchen.”

On the last film she saw with her boys: “The Never-Ending Story. I watched it with my children. They liked it. They were scared in places. They were like, “This is scary, we don’t want to watch this”, and I was like, “It’s not scary, it’s fake, it’s a movie”. They haven’t really grasped the concept that movies are fake – they always say, ‘Is this real?’, and I’m like, ‘No, baby, it’s just a movie’. But they liked it.”

On explaining to her boys the difference between reality and when they see her on TV: “I think they’re starting to understand that it’s part of my work and what I do. It’s part of mommy being a performer. And being a performer, one of the things that entails is playing different characters and having fun and doing different things.”

On being able to sight see while she’s on tour:
“Well, in some situations I’d love to be able to, y’know, put a disguise on and go to a restaurant and not be noticed. But actually it’s been pretty cool on this tour, there haven’t been that many paparazzi and I’ve been able to get out with my children and go and see a lot of things.”

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  • Anonymous 2

    This is such a forced, fake smile. Not a critique to her. Really it makes me feel sad for her.

  • JJ

    @Anonymous 2 – I agree she’s probably fed up with it all but can’t really resign as she’s committed to her recording contract. Just proves that money can’t buy happiness.

  • Giuliana da Matta

    She is doing very great in her tour and the kids are enjoying it too! 🙂

  • Ondine

    I love that well-fitting shirt.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny how everybody tries to claim how miserable and “fed up” britney is with the music industry! i saw her on her femme fatale tour and she looked happy (she smiled alot) and healthy (not to mention, super sexy) anyways, to a true britney fan that has followed her career since day 1, she actually seems the opposite of miserable, she seems content in her life right now. i wish people would get a life and stop trying to “diagnose” her. LOL britney is an icon already-she just got a lifetime achievement award and was called the “madonna of this generation” by mtv. if she wanted to stop making music, she could. she doesnt need the money and she ceratinly doesn’t have anything to prove anymore. people need to let this girl live her life and stop trying to claim how unhappy they think she is. it’s annoying.

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