Robin Thicke Shares The Secret To A Good Marriage

With the pressures of parenting and busy careers, it can be difficult to keep the spark alive in a marriage, but singer Robin Thicke says he and his wife Paula Patton have found a solution: Sex. Lots of it.

“My wife is an actress, a mother and a wife and I am a husband, a father and a singer so we haven’t seen each other a lot the past couple of weeks,” Robin, who is dad to 1-year-old Julian, tells US. “We won’t see each other a lot until Christmas and it’s very difficult, but the only thing that gets us by is having great sex together. There is never enough. When it does happen, it goes on for hours.”

Set to release his 5th album, Love After War, Robin hooks up with his beautiful wife on screen in the steamy video for the title track. The crooner says that he drew a lot of inspiration from Paula in writing his latest material.

“Once you see what a woman goes through having a baby, you know what real compassion, understanding, patience is all about, so that’s absolutely what the album is about.”

So are the couple planning on making baby #2 sometime soon? Probably not.

“It’s not something we are planning on doing. I think anybody who has two babies… God bless you!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    oh my!

  • Giselle

    I really like his music, however, I just lost a little respect for him because of this. I find it extremely annoying when ANYONE discusses their sex life. Ugh!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure he’ll be devasted by this news.

  • Whatever


  • Anonymous

    what’s that saying – when you talk about it like that, means you’re not getting any.

    • Anonymous

      That’s some clever detective work you did there, especially since he admitted that right there in the article: “There is never enough.”

  • Anonymous

    TMI, Robin Thicke. TMI.

  • dee

    Um, yeah, I could have gone the rest of my life without needing to know this. Keep your private business private; the ‘world’ doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING about you just because you’re in the public eye…nor do we want to.

  • Anonymous

    I was also gonna say something about TMI and such cause i mean, uhm, ok, we already know they’re a couple, they have a baby, so it’s obviously they have sex, so i dont get why he has to overdo it by saying they have “lots of it” and going “for hours” lol.

  • Anonymous9

    Shut up ya jackass.

  • Anonymous

    No it is not right to talk about your sex life. Will Smith and Jada do it and it annoys be. But I love this couple so I forgive him. They have been together for a long long time, like almost since high school.

  • Anonymous

    This must be the topic of conversation for him lol….didn’t he have a song called Sex Therapy? Agreed that that it must be kept private but still love him lol.

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