Alyssa Milano’s Little Hockey Fan

Sports fans Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari brought their adorable son Milo, 2 1/2 months, to the Staples Center for his first ever LA Kings hockey game over the weekend (November 19). Unfortunately the home team fell to defeat, but it doesn’t look like Milo was too concerned with the score board anyways.

“Baby Milo is sleeping through his first live sporting event! Let’s go #LAKings!” Alyssa Tweeted, sharing this sweet shot with friends and fans. The Hall Pass star is also a huge baseball fan – in fact, she even had a baseball baby shower when she was pregnant!

Earlier this month Alyssa, who recently gushed about her “great” baby, posted another cute pic of little Milo (see the thumbnails below), writing, “My love. My heart. My son.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Alyssa should be ashamed of herself for bringing an infant to a hockey game. She and her husband shouldn’t put their need for a photo op ahead of their baby. I’m sure they could afford getting a babysitter. My God, the baby is ONLY 2 1/2 months old! Grow up Alyssa and David. Step up to the plate and behave responsibly.

    • klutzy_girl

      She posted this on Twitter, so not a photo op.

      • anon

        Posing for paps and posting photos on Twitter are both examples of attention-seeking behaviour. Just sayin’.

      • Anonymous

        How is it not a photo op just because she posted it on Twitter? Just because it wasn’t papparazzi taking the pic does not make it less showy.

  • Anonymous

    If you need to put a helmet on the kid maybe a hockey game isnt a great idea. Love Alyssa but really. I go to several games a year and pucks fly into the crowd ALOT !

  • klutzy_girl

    Uh, I’m pretty sure that’s not a helmet. I thought those were those ear things that blocked out sounds.

  • Audrey

    As I look at all the people around – without helmets – I believe the baby is safe. Indeed, we can so make ourselves safe that we take the life out of living.

    • Lisa

      A man behind me at a recent hockey game had his hand broken when a puck flew into the crowd. I was lucky that I saw the puck and got out of the way or it could have hit me in the head. My dad knew a guy that was knocked out by a puck flying into the stands. A simple Google search can bring you information about the numerous injuries people get at hockey games, some even resulting in death. It’s not safe, it’s just that the fans accept the risks. By taking their baby to a hockey game, they accepted the risk that he could be hit by a puck and injured or even killed.

  • Anonymous

    i took my 3 month old to a Flyers game a couple of weeks ago and he was fine. He was awake the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous@1:48 – you should be ashamed of YOURSELF for making such a stupid comment. She can’t take her child to a hockey game? He looks safe to me. Grow up, will you?

    • Anonymous1

      I agree with the first post. Why bring a 2.5mth old baby to a noisy, dirty hockey arena?? I’m all for the parents having a night out but that is not the place for an infant.

  • Anonymous

    The air outside is dirty too. How about the kid never leaves the house. You people are ridiculous.

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