Rachel Zoe & Skyler Visit The Art Gallery

Rachel Zoe took Skyler to the Guy Hepner Art Gallery in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (November 22). The celebrity stylist also brought along her nanny and father Ron. The 8-month-old tot looked so sweet in his little hat and gray designer outfit!

Zoe chose to wear all black. Not a surprise since she recently commented on why she’s been dressing more simply since her son was born.

She said, “I used to take 15 minutes to get ready and now I have four minutes. I wear more black than I ever did before because my son spits up on me. Literally wherever I go he comes too – so I don’t wear as much jewelry – nothing that’s sharp, nothing with too much hardware – I guess I’ve become more minimal.”

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Photo credit: Fame/Bauer Griffin


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  1. mia

    His eyes are amazing. She always looks the same….all black, some weird hat, and sky-high black boots. She ALWAYS looks the same. For someone who is a stylist, she lacks color and variety.

  2. Anonymous

    How does she make that hat stay on Skyler’s head!? I put hats on my babies and they always fall off, or fall over their eyes. His hat is so stylishly hanging on the back of his head. This is a legit question I have !

  3. Anonymous

    I have my doubts that he is her father – doesn’t look old enough!

  4. Anonymous

    Why so mean? She is obviously a good mama to her adorable little son. And so what she wears black? It’s her deal.

  5. Anonymous

    One baby and she brings along a nanny… I’ve a new respect for my nurse neighbour who is a mother of three under five years old and has no nanny and a full day job! lol

    • Anonymous

      what does nurse neighbour do with the kids when she works? daycare is pretty much the only alternative to a nanny for most parents.

    • Jenna

      if she was younger and ahem, a little healthier (let’s face it, she looks pretty frail) she COULD probably manage this outing without a nanny, but in this situation, I think it’s in everybody’s best interest to have some help….

    • Anonymous

      It never ceases to amaze me that people will comment about nannies. The same people who dump their kids in daycare for 10 hours a day, I’m sure.

      • Anonymous

        No, not really. Kids start school here at three so the eldest two kids just go to school. The little one does, however, spend the morning at day care. My neighbour doesn’t have enough money to don’t work or to have a nanny so she doesn’t ‘dump her kids in daycare’ for a few hours and family is not an option ’cause they don’t even live in the country. If you don’t know the story behind my words, just don’t assume stuff, it never ceases to amaze me how easy is for people to do that. I wasn’t attacking anyone, let alone a person I only know by photographs. Do you know what ‘lol’ means? It was just a funny comment-comparison, that’s all, no need to take it so seriously.

      • deb

        Where do you leave YOUR kids when you work? Smart A$$.

  6. Anonymous

    One of fame celebs have gorgeous baby

  7. Anonymous

    I like this family and her father looks stylish! People are entitled to their opinion but why be mean you don’t personally know her. Try being positive it’s contagious once you start. Have a wonderful day CBS readers.

    • judith

      Mean? People are just pointing out what they see in the pictures — undernourished, skeletal middle-aged woman with her baby and a nanny. These facts speak for themselves — you don’t need to know her personally, just 20/20 vision. No one is attacking her character or speculating about her personality….

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