Naleigh Kelley: School Day Stroll


Three years old yesterday, a beautiful Naleigh Kelley – daughter of actress Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley – was spotted with her nanny on Wednesday (November 23) as they walked to school in Los Angeles, Calif.

The gorgeous little girl rocked a pair of brown Ugg boots and a long sleeved blouse as both her and her doll hitched a ride with the nanny!

Daddy Josh recently got some inspirational ink done, taking to Twitter to unveil the cool bodyart.

“Killer!!!! My wifes bday is nov 24 and naleighs on nov 23 so her 23 is in Korean and the sagittarius symbol in the middle.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Uhh, nice shirt, person working with a child. Hopefully Naleigh can’t read yet. Okay, cuz something like 20% of kids learn to read at 3 (I did.)

    I’m not even a prude! I don’t care if people drink or smoke. But I’m a nanny, and, just, why wear a shirt that says “Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine” when you are working?

    • Anonymous

      When you’re working, or anytime. So tacky.

  • Yoohoo

    I sure hope they find a new nanny. Geez some people are so gross. Who would wear that shirt to a job taking care of babies?

  • Anonymous

    Another nanny here. Very inappropiate shirt, and I smoke and drink (and even drink coffee!).

  • Anonymous 455798

    You people should judge a bit more and read something out of nothing.
    Grow up.

  • Ruby&Lucymomma

    Tacky shirt! Baby girl probably can’t read, but c’mon!

  • Anonymous

    sweet smile. she’s very gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    I agree with anonymus 455798: all comments here are about “the innapropriate shirt”..why you do not comment how the kid is happy on these pictures? Maybe the person who wears the shirt is very good hearted and caring nanny? Get a life and stop judging a book by its cover. Start reading! You are all holly persons.

    • Anonymous

      “Holly persons??” As opposed to “Ivy” persons?

  • SMH

    Naleigh can’t read the shirt and even if she could she isn’t going to know what that stuff is.

  • Anonymous

    well I happen to know this woman and she has a heart of gold. Katherine and Josh are not stupid. They have her as their nanny for a reason. She is practically family to them.

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