Dannii Minogue: “There’s The Possibility Of A Bigger Brood”

Another baby for Dannii Minogue? It’s possible. The Australia’s Got Talent judge, who is recovering from a thyroid condition, says she’s open to giving her 16-month-old son Ethan a sibling one day.

She said, “There’s the possibility of a bigger brood. The main thing has been getting my health back on track. But I do look at other little babies and think, ‘Aww it’d be nice to experience that again.’ So yeah.”

Dannii, 40, also admitted she seeks parental advice from her long time boyfriend Kris Smith and her brother.

Kris knows it all and doesn’t have fears about anything. I’d never been around kids before, so he’s teaching me along the way. I ask my brother for advice. He and his wife have two kids and are always bringing toys around for each stage Ethan’s going through. As a parent, sometimes it’s so confusing. I go to a toy shop and don’t know what he’d like or what he needs.”

The Australian star is set to have a busy schedule ahead. She’s rumored to be signing on to become a judge on Britain’s Got Talent!

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  • Rosy

    I hate to tell you Dannii, but having more kids biologically ‘one day’ at 40 doesn’t leave you a lot of time. Sooner rather than later may be better for having another baby, unless you have plans to adopt a sibling for your wee boy.

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