David Beckham: Soccer Is A Family Affair

David Beckham, the hunky LA Galaxy soccer star who recently helped his team bring home the MLS trophy this year, spoke to Jimmy Kimmel Live last week about his sons, how he promised them he would let them take the MLS trophy to their school, their reaction to the win and how he hopes his wife Victoria Beckham will not participate in Black Friday shopping!

When asked if he would be able to take home the MLS trophy, the father-of-four replied, “No, but I’m going to have to ask someone, because I promised my sons (Brooklyn 12, Romeo 9 and Cruz, 6) that I would take it to their school.”

Becks continued with a funny story about Cruz’s MLS celebrations.

[The boys] always want to be out there, but obviously for a cup final they can come out there, it’s allowed,” he said. “And the funny thing was, that on the lead up to the game, you know, my son [Cruz] was like, ‘What do you do after the game?’ and I said, ‘Well, you know, if we win, we have champagne and we spray everybody in the locker room. The first thing that he said to me when he came out on to the field – I leaned down to give him a kiss and he said, ‘Daddy, we can do the champagne thing.’ And the funny thing was we was in the locker room and I kept him right out of the way because champagne was flying everywhere and I looked back to see if he was OK and he was like that (motions with mouth open as if drinking champagne).”

The soccer stud also talked about their Thanksgiving plans.

“I just heard of Black Friday,” he said. “I didn’t know what it was until someone just told me. I’m hoping that’s not what my wife’s doing on Friday. Going to the shops.” To which Kimmel quipped, “That would be a bad scene for her. But I would imagine she’s not at Target trying to get a Missoni blanket or something right?”

To watch the whole TV interview (and some eye candy!) visit Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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  1. SiervaMaria

    Another of my fav fams. Cruz looks like he’s just 14yrs short of having a few teeth gone, a pint in one hand and possibly a assult case that needs to go away. Love them but that one has Rugby in his future. Romeo will be on the runway methinks. He’s got the cheekbones of his mum. Brooklyn is just darling.

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