Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s Yo Gabba Gabba Gang

Reality TV stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took son Liam, 4, daughter Stella, 3, and Dean’s son Jack, 12, to go see Yo Gabba Gabba in Los Angeles on Saturday (November 26).

Tori took to Twitter to post a picture and video from the fun event. “Amazing Day!” the mother-of-three wrote. “Dean, Liam, Stella,& I performed a dancey dance (disco roll) onstage w/ Gabba Gang at Yo Gabba Gabba Live.”

This marks the first time we’ve seen the Spelling-McDermotts out and about since the birth of their daughter Hattie Margaret on October 10th. Tori recently shared an adorable picture of their newborn dressed as a Thanksgiving turkey!

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Photo credit: Twitter/GSI Media

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    It seems like Tori doesn’t like Dean’s son. She should be more lovely to her children’s half-brother.

    • Anonymous

      Are you basing this on the fact that he didn’t go to Yo Gabba Gabba with them?

    • Anonymous

      Unless you are some kind of stalker, I’m not sure how you could possibly know that.

  • Anonymous

    How would you have any idea how she is with him?

  • Anonymous

    Well she did a birthday apron for Dean and jack wasn’t included. Tori always talks about the kids and never mentions Jack and for that matter Dean never mentions him either. I don’t mean to judge but it had to be hard for Jack with the divorce and only being 7 at the time.

  • Anonymous

    They have an agreement in place to not bring Jack into any publicity. While they can’t always keep him out of the pap shots they do ke him from planned public activities. Extended fams are difficult but I think they do an excellent job.

  • anonymous

    I am sure this was the LAST place Jack wanted to be; a teenager at a Yo Gabba Gabba show watching his wicked w****step mother and idiot father make fools of themselves up on stage! WHY would they drag Jack to that?? I would love to read his tell-all book someday!

    • Anonymous

      Agree- his tell all will be amazing. Can you imagine Tori as your Step Mom ! Her and Dean have no problem taking sex and being immature on their reality show can you imagine what is said at home when the cameras are off. These 2 are disgusting sorry. Lets just hope the other 3 kids can grow up to be normal and not sucked into the little bubble called “Hollywood”.

  • Anonymous

    Opps meant talking about se* in my last post.

  • Sue Patrick

    Negative nellies. I have heard and read before that Jack’s mother does not want him featured on their show or in the spotlight, so they don’t make mention of him to respect her wishes and to keep from being sued. When you look at the paparazzi photos, he is with them quite a bit. As a sidenote, people divorce and remarry all the time. Tori and Dean are a lot of things, but I don’t see them ignoring his son. Also, do you think everything they do on the show is for real? A lot of it is staged or done for audience interest.

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