America’s Supernanny Premieres Tuesday Night

The newest Supernanny, Deborah Tillman, will be helping empower parents to focus on the positives in Lifetime’s latest series, starting tomorrow night (November 29). “It looks more like America,” the experienced childcare provider tells Celebrity Baby Scoop about the new series titled America’s Supernanny.

Deborah has her skills put to the test when she meets the Weeks-Suszczynski family in the series premiere. When dad Mark isn’t working 70 hours a week as a chef at his restaurant, he spends his free time mountain biking and skiing, leaving mom Kim to deal with 4-year-old Tate and his sisters, Nora, 5, and Neva, 9.

The childcare expert opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about guiding families across America toward “positive parenting.”

What I believe in is positive parenting, which means that you are praising and encouraging good behavior in order to reinforce those good behaviors,” Deborah said. “Most families I work with like to focus on the negative behaviors. They say things like, ‘He’s always hitting, he’s always screaming,’ but they’re not focusing on when the child is good, when the child is sitting down, listening, and doing what you ask them to do. They just seem to focus on everything that the child does wrong.”

Tune into Lifetime Tuesday night (November 29) at 9 P.M. EST for the premiere of America’s Supernanny.

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We were supposed to appear on this show. When it came down to it, they wanted both my husband and my grade schooler to take off from work/school for 9 days! How does that look like America??