Katey Sagal’s Weekend Lunch Date

What a cutie!

Actress Katey Sagal enjoyed a weekend lunch date with her husband Kurt Sutter and their beautiful daughter Esmé Louise, 4 1/2 (November 27). It’s been almost a year since we last saw Esmé – she’s getting so big!

Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Katey, who also has kids Sarah and Jack from a previous marriage, talked to OK! magazine about their decision to use a surrogate:

I’d had some medical issues after the birth of my other two children, so I was unable to carry a child, so we were always looking at alternative approaches. We headed down the adoption road at the same time were were investigating the surrogacy road and left it up to whatever happened first, because we weren’t attached to either way. Our surrogacy situation just fell into place really easily.”

Well known for her work on television, Katey has starred in several series included Married… With Children, 8 Simple Rules and Sons of Anarchy.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    3.5???..she looks like she is 5! Tall girl:)

  • Anonymous

    3 1/2? Really? She looks quite a bit older to me. Five or six, maybe.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Tall sweetheart. I was thinking 5ish, as well.

  • Anonymous9

    Her problem that resulted in them using surrogacy wasn’t being unable to carry a child because of previous medical problems, her problem was that she was 53 years old when this daughter was born. That’s not a problem, that’s nature.

    I like her, but come on, there’s nothing wrong with just telling the truth.

  • Anonymous

    According to IMDB, Esme was born January 10, 2007, making her almost five years old.

  • carolyn Robertson

    Thanks! Yes, she’s going on 5. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Katey looks pissed!!

  • Colleen

    The article says 4 1/2.
    She probably is telling the truth. Women can carry babies at any age now a days. Kelly Presion was pregnant at 47.
    I like Katey Sagal and her daughter is a cutie.

    • Anonymous9

      No, actually they can’t carry babies at any age. 47 means you probably haven’t gone through menopause, 54 means you most likely have. Your body won’t produce the necessary hormones for a healthy pregnancy and people who have babies through IVF at that age run huge risks.

    • Anonymous

      “The article says 4 1/2.”

      Thank you, Sherlock. It previously said 3 1/2 and was changed *after* all the earlier comments.

      • Anonymous

        Just an FYI for anyone that cares. Katie Sagal had a previous miscarraige and a stillborn daughter so she was actually unable to carry a child after that.

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