LeAnn Rimes Tweets Family Photo

It was a happy Thanksgiving for LeAnn Rimes, who spent the holiday with her husband Eddie Cibrian – who looks to be sporting a Movember mustache – and adorable stepsons Jake and Mason. The singer took to Twitter to share this family photo last week, writing, “Happy Turkey Day from the Cibrians.”

Despite their supposed truce, LeAnn and Eddie’s ex Brandi Glanville have once again been engaging in a Twitter war of words. While LeAnn was enjoying Thanksgiving with the family, Brandi Tweeted of her own holiday, “Kids are with there dad this time. Lil depressed over it all!” Though she wrote that the boys will be with her for Christmas, she later asked, “any divorce lawyers wanna give me some advice on a threatening email?…. Its always nice to be threatened with jail time & loss of custody for wanting my kids 2B w there only 3 cousins for xmas!bully!”

“LIES AS USUAL” LeAnn Tweeted in response. “First I’ve seen about emails I never sent. It’s amusing, that’s all.”

She later wrote, “Until private, family matters can stay that way we cannot communicate properly and through a public forum is not the way. I have fallen short myself out of anger, but for the kids sake only try to share happiness. It’s no one’s business, our family business and since you will not hear both sides of the story no one should judge nor jump to conclusions. I do not know what has been said except for what I just read, but it’s far from the truth, I will say that.”

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  • Whatever

    she’s such an attention seeker.

    • Anonymous

      Now we all know this photo is staged by Eddie and LeAnn and what stepmother would wear a top down to almost her stomach of course their is nothing to show anyways but its the principal of what she wears with her fake tan.The boys love one thing and one thing only their dad no matter what he is their dad but when they get older and find out the truth of the matter I am sure there will be other opinions of them speaking out .When Eddie finds someone better then LeAnn and moves on who has more power and moola and oh yes she makes more then him so he needs to stay with her for now.His show was cancelled the Playboys Club that thrills me he is reaping what he sows..and LeAnn will to she is already her fans have gone down and still falling …the numbers do not lie but LeAnn sure does.

  • Cmc

    They both sound like idiots.

    • Giselle

      You nailed it!

  • Anonymous

    Was it a happy Thanksgiving for Leann because based on her tweets, Leann spent the entire day tweeting. So how could Leann enjoy the day or her family for that matter when she was on her iphone? The fact that LR had over 100 tweets makes it seem like this photo with EC and the boys is just a ruse, an attempt to cover up that their marriage is falling apart. It’s deceptive to keep trying to pass LR and EC off as a happy family when there is so much evidence that exposes LR and EC as a frauds.

    Leann and her staff have been on twitter hounding Brandi for weeks now.
    Where are the articles about this? No one is going to believe that LR loves those boys when she and her staff treat the mother of those kids so horribly.
    In fact you should check out the tons of fake accounts they are using today to stalk and harass Brandi.

    And as usual EC and LR only use charity to benefit themselves. So EC is only sporting that mustache because he thinks it gives him the right to act like a jerk. Which is why he threatened his ex-wife with jail time and loss of the kids.

    LR and EC are BFFs with Kim K ex-publicist. The guy that went public about how Kim K marriage is a sham. So what does that mean for EC and LR?

    Didn’t EC say that his kids should not experience any type of public exposure? Twitter is a public forum and LR knows from experience that what she posts on her page gets plastered all over the internet. So these kids have been publicly exposed. So why are we supposed to buy EC and LR as a happy family when EC won’t even keep a simple standard that he set up in regards to his kids safety?

    The kid’s only get to spend part of Christmas Day with their mother. She has to hand the boys over to LR and EC at 1PM, so that LR can take photos of them and then post it on a public forum which then end up plastered all over the internet. The mother wanted to spend the entire day with her kids because she has made so many accomdations for EC and LR when they wanted to be with the kids. You would think that for the sake of the kid’s happiness, LR would allow them to spend the entire day with their mother.

    Speaking of juding, did you see those posts that LR made about BG and EC marriage and how the lawyers made EC stay with BG? LR deleted them of course. But this is why it’s so disturbing when the media attempts to make EC and LR out to be a happy family.

  • matoria

    Seriously, her boob is almost falling out of that shirt…what a nice holiday picture lol

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Here is the million dollar question: If family matters can’t properly be communicated on a public forum and if LR family’s business is no one’s business, then why did Leann post the photo of her and EC with the boys saying “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrians”; afterall, according to the title of this article, this was a family matter right? So according to Leann’s own logic, she was wrong for posting this photo of her and EC with the boys.

    Leann says that family matters can’t properly be communicated on a public forum and that her family’s business is no one’s business, so once again why did she send one of her “fans” DMs about her and EC holiday plans with the kids with the intention of that “fan” posting it on twitter for all to see?

    How come LR wasn’t thinking about the kid’s happiness when she made all those tweets about how she was bathing the kids, sleeping in the same bed with, at their soccer games, and school events? Those are family matters. So how come LR is not following her own rules? Even today LR is on twitter talking about those kids? So what happened to keeping family matters private? What mother wants to read on a public forum that grown woman is giving her kids baths and showers?

    What exactly is the both sides of the story LR keeps refering to? EC set up and staged a photo-op with his kids on Saturday to make himself look like a good dad, so BG couldn’t have been lying.

    Leann speaks of not judging, yet she and DB sit in judgement of BG on twitter each and every week. Just because LR deletes the tweets or uses her “fans” as puppets, it doesn’t mean that LR has taken the high road.

    Leann knows exactly what is being said and done. Leann stalks BG tweets and copies what BG writes. LR has been on twitter calling those kids her boys all week, LR even posted a blog about it, so she knew that EC was going to threaten to take the kids away from BG. Even today LR is tweeting about how the boys are hers.

    People are not jumping to conclusions that are looking at LR and EC actions, which they document via staged photo-ops and tweets and photos like the ones that they post to twitter.

  • carrie

    Nice shirt Leann- but you shouldnt “lean” too much more! Not really appropriate in a “family” pic!

  • SMH

    I hate to see adults act like children.
    I’m no fan of Leanne Rimes but I think people need to realize that as much as you may not like your kids to be with other people it’s bound to happen. I’ve said it before. I wouldn’t want another women to step in and play “mommy” to my kids but I much rather have this person treat my kids like she would treat her own. There is nothing worse then having a step parent that treats their step kids like crap!
    My own brother is learning to deal w/ this himself when it comes to his own son. For example at my nephews last football game the other day they asked dads to come on the field with their sons. My nephews step-dad walked out too. I know my brother was not overly thrilled but he knew he had to set his own personal feelings aside. This guy is not going anywhere and my brother knows that so he has to learn to deal the best he can. And this man treats my nephew very well which I think is more important then my brothers pride.

    That being said this is kind of an odd photo of them all leaning on a pool table? Like why?

    • Anonymous

      But Leann does treat those kids like crap. Her interest in those kids is based on how she can use them to promote herself and her music career and taunt a mother. I’m sure that as the week rolls on we will find out what was so important to LR that she just had to use those kids faces and names. Leann and her staff members treat Brandi like crap, and when you treat the mother of those kids like crap, it’s the same thing as treating those kids like crap.

      Why a pool table? Because BG did a house tour for RHOBH and she showed her pool table and said that she likes to play pool. So now we have LR, EC, and the kids photographed on a pool table, which means this was just another one of LR and EC ways of taunting BG. That is why it so cringe worthy when the media posts these photos and then tells us that EC and LR are a happy family.

  • Anonymous

    She does copy brandi’s tweets. Brandi was talking about Eddie blaming her, and she ended w/ the phrase ” i vent on twitter, so sue me” …or somethng like that, and then the next day LeAnne replied to Naughty Rob, about the entire changing clothes in the store saga, and ended her phrase w/ ” so sue me” coincidence or SWFing? It seems like LeAnn has a hard time figuring out who she really is as do a lot of child stars. They have it tougher than we know, and maybe we should be more compassionate. You never know what people really feel insid. But, Leanne doesn’t show much compassion for brandi, tweeting a photo of her and brandi’s kids and labeling it ” the cibrians”, knowing brandi is now he odd man out. So, she’s taken her husband, her friends, her twtter fiends , and her boys. What’s next, she’s going to go after her job on rhobh?

  • Anonymous

    I understand emotions were running high and maybe a celebratory thanksgiving drink or two was had (entirely appropriate)…BUT if my tweets attracted the attention that Brandi’s do then I would seriously edit my grammar/spelling before posting.

    • Anonymous

      Does that also include Leann because Leann makes a lot of grammer/spelling errors? Like when she put exceptable instead of acceptable when she was pulling yet another con(ie-claiming that someone verbally attacked her for being skinny while she was out dining with EC, EC parents, and “her boys”.).

  • Anonymous

    Is Laenn the most annoying celebrity out there?! Seriosly, LR, cop yourself on and grow up! And stop tweeting those oh-so-annoying bikini pictures of your gross and veiny body. Yeah, proper bonus mom material! Not. God, if I was those boys’ mother I would shudder to think of them spending any time with a cheating, marriage wrecking cow like her!

  • Anonymous

    A family picture with your boob almost falling out. Classy

  • Anonymous

    That is a really bare top for her to be wearing, plus a cleavage shot with her step kids. She’s bordering on a nip slip there. Why can’t she cover up some?

    • Anonymous

      Because showing cleavage is NOT the end of the world.

      • Anonymous

        But Leann is ALWAYS showing her cleavage, wearing clothes that barely cover her breasts, and even going so far as to wear sheer shirts that give those kids an anatomy lesson that a 4 yo and 9 yo child needs to see. If she isn’t going to wear a bra when she is around those kids, then she should at least wear something that doesn’t make it so obvious that she is wearing a bra.

  • Anonymous

    This is all so pathetic, some ‘Anonymous’ readers are WAY TOO involved in this stupidity! Grow up or destroy your children, simple choice, be an immature moron and totally ruin your children or be a bigger person and give them a chance to succeed in life!!!!

    • Anonymous

      How WAY TOO involved in this stupidity are you since you took the time and energy to make a post just to criticize others for commenting? If you are above it all, why are you even here posting or reading in the first place? How can those kids succeed in life when Leann Rimes is plastering their faces and names all over the internet via her tweets and twitpics?

  • Anonymous

    Creepy tash.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t stand Leeann at all, think she’s a total phony and needs publicity to the ultimate. I like Brandi more and more since I’ve seen her on the housewives. LeeAnn wants her own baby with this nitwit actor and once she has one his two kids will be out the window!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Once Lean has her ‘own’ kid… not someone elses… she’ll be pushing the boys out, b/c afterall, she really only wants Eddie to herself, and she is soooo insecure~

  • ER

    Brandi is that you with the two long “Anonymous” comments? lol

    Brandi and Eddie should communicate together or with their lawyers. LeAnn needs someone to tell her she looks and seems real SAD! Get a life Rimes and STOP trying to be Jake and Mason’s replacement mom ’cause they ALREADY have one, Brandi! You wanted to be the replacement wife…well you got it, but that doesn’t mean you have any rights to BRANDI and EDDIE’s sons. You’ll always be the EXTRA unnecessary “stepmom”.

    Leann was only worried about if she looked “nice” in the picture ’cause she could have posted a photo with Jake smiling, geez. Not to mention she’s not even touching Mason, odd…he was right beside you.

    • Anonymous

      STACE2U is that you posing as a neutral poster so that you can blame Brandi Glanville?

  • Anonymous

    I think it is kinda messed up that she had to put the pic out there at all. I am sure the real mom probably doesn’t appreciate it. It would hurt me that if I couldn’t be with my kids on thanksgiving and then to see them with the chick that ruined their marriage. I get the feeling that she aint as into to the kids as she is into pissing off his ex wife.

  • Anonymous

    she should lose custody for being so disgustingly poor at grammar….hey genious…it’s “THEIR father” and “THEIR cousins”. maybe she should take some BASIC first grade english classes, or better yet stop posting in a public forum if you can’t spell. poor kids.

    • Anonymous

      Well Eddie Cibrian doesn’t know the difference between ROAD and RODE. He put that he ROAD his bike, so then according to you, Eddie Cibrian should lost custody for being so disgustingly poor at grammer and should take some BASIC first grade english classes right? And let’s not forget about Leann, who struggles with acceptable vs exceptable; Your vs You’re. So Leann is poor at grammer, needs to take some BASIC 1st grade english classes, and stop posting on a public forum since she can’t spell. BTW, didn’t you see that tweet from Martha Stewart, even she states that she makes grammer mistakes on twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Just as expected the REAL reason for this “happy family” Thanksgiving photo has been reveal. Leann released two interviews today because she has a concert on Friday/Saturday where she once again gets to exploit someone else’s children. Leann is also getting free clothing and publicity(because the clothing site will then write a nice fluff piece about LR fashion) and so she is using these twitpics to advertise for a clothing company.

    So the title should have been: What is Leann Rimes promoting now?

    It never fails, LR interest in those kids is only on how she can benefit from using their faces and names to benefit herself.

  • Anonymous

    Hey LeAnn, a “nice” family photo, doesn’t include the “step-mom” leaning over a table with her breasts falling out…it’s just tacky. Pull up your shirt girl and put on your big girl panties and deal with the backlash of being called a home wrecker..because you ARE one..

  • Anonymous

    How many other HW stepmothers posted photos on Thanksgiving like the one Leann did ? That’s right. I don’t recall hearing about any other HW stepmother posting photos like this on Thanksgiving. How come Leann is the ONLY HW stepmother who publicly exploits her relationship with another woman’s kids and disrespects the children’s mother on a DAILY basis? You would think that if being a stepmother to those boys was so important to Leann, that she would stop putting it all on display. But then again Leann needs those free bikinis and dresses, so those kids are just going to have to deal with LR “love”.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for not including Leann and Eddie in your favorite family of 2011 poll. That was very considerate. The media is always feeding into Leann’s agenda and acting as if those kid’s mother doesn’t exist. It would have been very disrespectful if you had included them in that poll, considering all of the mean and nasty things that Leann continues to do those children’s mother. Thanks again.

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