Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman: Shoppin’ With Stylish Skyler

Rachel Zoe, Rodger Berman and their baby son Skyler browsed around Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday (November 26). The family walked into a children’s store but didn’t buy anything. The scene was much different the day before when the couple loaded their car up with shopping bags from the Gap on Black Friday.

Skyler looked very fashionable sporting a Missoni scarf!

The celebrity stylist recently told InStyle how much she enjoys dressing up their 8-month-old son.

Every minute I have to buy things for my son. It is too much fun. It is like dressing a live doll. He has no opinion.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Heart

    So adroble skyler 😀

    • Felissa

      Oke??? :(. Learn your grammar. You’re kinda creepy.

      • Louise

        What are you even talking about?

  • Anonymous

    Some people could be wearing clothes from the bargain bin and still look amazing – Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford come to mind – others can be dressed in clothes worth millions and still look like an unmade bed. Zoe is in the latter category.

  • mira

    that scarf is the most ugly and stupid thing I’ve ever seen on a baby! Plus I’ve never seen anything attractive on that woman too and I don’t understand who on earth would want to be dressed by her. She walks around like an geriatric old-fashioned witch..

    • Anonymous

      LOL at your last sentence!! That’s an apt description!

    • Anonymous

      Not only is the scarf ugly, it is a good thing that kid is a boy! Sooooo not cute and even worse if it was a girl!

  • Samantha

    This little baby boy is very beautiful! He is the second most handsome boy I have seen on this website. I always thought Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damon is an absolute stunner.

    • anonymous

      eeew. another creepy comment

      • Felissa

        TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! Just like Heart, Sweet ^_^ and Slig o Lambert!!
        They always give weird comments and it’s getting really annoying.

        Btw Skyler is sooo cute!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a contest. Why do people always have to compare children to each other?

      • another mom

        Probably because they are immature and have nothing better to do. I suspect we have a lot of teenagers on this site – strange.

  • anon

    Man, that scarf is the most ugly and stupid thing I’ve ever seen on a baby! She is going to be watching the little guy strangle himself with it. Who’ll be crying then, gramma-Zoe? Not Yves Saint Laurent. Where are your brain cells – must be alzeimers

  • Lilah

    the way she dresses reminds me of the olsen twins. must have something to do with weighing 60 pounds.

    • nella

      Yeah, except she’s old enough to be their grandma!

  • Anonymous

    Another Rachel Zoe post. Another opportunity for all the hags on this site to rip her to shreds because (pick one or all):

    a) she’s thinner than they are
    b) she’s more successful than they are
    c) she’s got more money than they do
    d) she enjoys her baby more than they enjoy theirs
    e) her husband is present in her life and an active father

    The weird thing is that I’ve seen her show and she *is* a strange person with bizarre priorities. But when I see the garbage that people here spew, it really makes me want to defend her. She is completely harmless and doesn’t appear to hurt anyone.

    Why so much hate???

    • Anonymous

      So many people here lead dreary, empty lives. The only way they are happy is to make themselves feel better by tearing other people down. It’s really kind of sad.

  • Anon

    I’m not going to pick on her appearance, but she doesn’t come across as being particularly pleasant or likable — it’s the permanent “I am sucking on a lemon” expression on her face and the irritating, snotty voice.

    • NYC Mommy

      Anon- I agree she does always have that I just tasted and/or just smelled something sour and/or stinky….
      I also agree with other poster a scarf that long on a baby is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Cdn. Anonymous

      Anon, you are being charitable, LOL — she has the face of someone who has been chain-smoking for 50+ years.

      A meal or two every now and then would do wonders for her, as would some tastefully applied make up and clothes that fit properly. Maybe Gwen STefani could give her some help….

    • Anonymous

      Uh… that’s what she looks like and that’s what she sounds like. What is it you expect her to do about it? Would you feel better if she had plastic surgery and took voice lessons?

      You f*ing people are impossible.


    I realize not everyone can be a raving beauty and it’s certainly not a pre-requisite for being successful, but other than having a cute baby, what reason is there for subjecting us to RAISIN FACE Zoe? Yuch.

    More GWen, Cindy Crawford, Reese, heck, even Leanne Rimes.

  • connie

    Thank goodness the baby looks like the husband! She is the most self-absorbed non-talent on TV — I’d rather watch the Kardashian sisters — they are easier on the eyes.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, she’s a no-talent. That must be why dozens of celebrities pay her thousands of dollars to dress them. And that must be why magazines pay her thousands of dollars to set up photo shoots.

      No talent. Yeah, okay.

  • Dani

    lose the scarf and you have a kid-friendly outfit…period!!!

    • LaKesha

      So now mothers aren’t allowed to wear scarves?

      • Anonymous

        From what I can see, Grandma Zoe isn’t wearing a scarf – she’s got it wrapped around the baby. Smart.

  • SMH

    Skylar is adorable. People are really harsh when it comes to this woman. I really wonder are her clothes really hurting the rest of you? just curious.

  • anonymous

    Although I am not familiar with every celeb featured on this site, I have to say that UNTIL NOW, most of them have been attractive &/or interesting people. Seriously, what compelling reason is there to feature a middle-aged stylist who looks like she needs to eat a meal or two? I’d rather read about the wife of a race car driver or Tori Spelling….

  • rose

    rachel zoe is scary. who has that many wrinkles around the mouth? must be some reason…. my grandma is 84 and doesn’t look that bad…

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