Jewel: Kase Is “The Happiest Baby”

Such a sweet smile!

Singer Jewel posted this new photo of her 4-month-old son Kase Townes on her blog this week, writing, “Thought I’d share a pic of the baby taken on Thanksgiving- he is the happiest baby!” He looks it!

The ‘Foolish Games’ singer, who is married to professional bull rider Ty Murray, seems to be loving motherhood so far. Just last month she gushed, “I hit the baby lotto. He’s just a really sweet, easy-going little baby. I’m so lucky.”

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  1. Dani

    wow…standing up straight at 4 months is early, istn’t it? my little boy is almost 10 months and not even close to standing up like that…well, he was a preemie, so he’s a little behind on the motoric skills…

  2. Anonymous

    He is absolutely adorable! I love his smile 🙂

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