Tameka Foster Seeks To Strip Usher Of His Parental Rights

Days after his son’s fourth birthday, TMZ reports that Usher Raymond‘s ex, Tameka Foster, has asked a judge to take away the singer’s rights to their two children – Usher V, 4, and Naviyd, 2 – and soon!

According to court documents obtained by the site, Tameka claims that Raymond has repeatedly dropped the ball when it comes to his legal obligations as a co-parent, and is also requesting an increase in child support payments.

Foster alleges that Usher has failed to get her approval before hiring nannies for the children, refused to give her the opportunity to be with them when he’s away for more than 8 hours, prevented her from having custody of the boys during Christmas break in 2010, and closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card, which he previously said he wouldn’t do.

In the docs, it also states that Usher promised to pay Foster $5k per month, which would allow her to hire her own nanny, but he hasn’t paid that amount in quite some time, and now owes her $34,000.

In addition to the $34,000, Tameka is requesting that the judge modify the support agreement due to the “substantial change in [Usher’s] income” since their divorce.

A hearing on the matter is set for Wednesday (November 30).

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  • ER

    This is SAD on Tameka’s part. She seems ridiculous and money grabbing.

    • Janna

      What’s ridiculous is that headline. She did NOT file to “strip his parental rights”. Way to completely change the meaning of something, CBS! She filed in court to strip joint custody. There’s a HUUUUUUGE difference.

      Her accusations are that she thinks he’s on drugs, he doesn’t turn over to the kids to her when he’s supposed to, takes the kids out of state without notifying her, etc etc etc.

      I will never understand the hate people have for someone who marries a celebrity then accuses them of any kind of wrongdoing. You people do not KNOW them, how can you even take sides?!?!?

  • Grace

    I can’t decide if it’s more amusing or pathetic that she thinks canceling her credit card is grounds for stripping someone of their parental rights. None of the things listed sound like grounds for taking away someone’s parental rights.

    • NYC Mommy

      I totally agree her arguements dont seem like any reason to take away parental rights they seem more like she has control issues. I guess she does not realize if she keeps her kids from their dad (without good reason) they will resent her later in life. She seems selfish and not too interested in her two youngest childrens’ best interest or needs.

      • Anonymous

        Rite he seems to be a great father she is just mad because he loves his children and a jealous women try anything to break that type of love

        • Ryder

          What makes you think he’s a great father? Because you’ve seen him in some photos on a website?

          Things aren’t always what they seem, you know.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not taking sides here, but **some** of these are pretty serious allegations:

        • failed to get her approval before hiring nannies for the children — which I think we can presume he agreed to do.
        • refused to give her the opportunity to be with them when he’s away for more than 8 hours — again, I guess we presume he agreed to do this
        • prevented her from having custody of the boys during Christmas break in 2010 — sounds like he kept them from her during her scheduled holiday
        • closed her Saks 5th Avenue credit card, which he previously said he wouldn’t do.

        I don’t know these people or their morals or values any more than you do. That’s what courts are for.

        • Grace

          Closing her credit card is not a serious allegation. None of the things listed are serious allegations. They are minor things, some of which merit a trip to court to iron out the custody agreements better, but none of these things are serious enough to warrant stripping someone of custody. Child abuse or neglect are serious. This is a list of minor complaints. To call this list serious is an insult to children who truly are in harms way.

          • nosoupforyou

            I agree that the credit card issue should be dropped. However, you are incorrect regarding the other issues. Leaving his children in the care of a nanny rather than their mother after 8 hours is serious as is not letting her see her children during the Christmas break. In addition, both parents should have input on who’s watching the children when neither of them are around.

          • Janna

            There are even more serious allegations that haven’t been posted in this article (ie taking the kids out of state without telling their mother, refusing to turn over custody to her when he should have).

            I don’t know what the truth is, but no one can say that her allegations (*IF* they were true) don’t merit taking custody away from him.

          • Grace

            I did not say that using drugs was not a reason to strip someone of custody. That issue was not listed in the article. I am merely responding to what is in the article. And I was responding to a previous poster’s claim that cutting off someone’s credit card and not agreeing on a nanny are serious claims. Neither one of those claims are serious.

            I don’t understand why you seem annoyed with people for not realizing the CBS printed incorrect information.

  • Anonymous

    Gold digger

  • Ryann

    what was he thinking when he asked her to marry him? i don’t wanna be mean, but just take a really good look at that thing….usher could get any girl in the world, but that…..wow i just don’t get it. he should have listened to his mama.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because men only marry women for their looks.

      • nosoupforyou

        Apparently that’s what Ryann thinks.

    • nosoupforyou

      So one should choose a partner based on looks? Shallow. “Mama” shouldn’t be choosing her son’s wives. I know, I have two of them.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this the same crazy lady who went to Brazil for plastic surgery that is illegal in the U.S. and then nearly died due to complications because it was botched?

  • Anonymous

    wish I was lucky enough to be able to afford a nanny. I think she should stop complaining and be grateful for happy and healthy kids. And if she didn’t have it in writing from the court, he didn’t legally do anything wrong, morally it may be a different story.

  • Anonymous

    He knew what she was when he married her, and doing this because he canceled a credit card that just shows what she really is

  • Anonymous

    As somebody who was sued for joint custody (I already had sole custody), you can put ANYTHING you want on the list of allegations. Not until it hits discovery or court do they then have to prove it. My ex accused me of EVERYTHING he could think of on paper. None of it was true. Be cautious of what you read, even if it has been filed. Does not mean a thing. I know. By the way – I still have sole custody as his lawyer dropped him 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He cut off her Sacs card? Wow. She should have left that out. Makes her sounds petty.

  • Anonymous

    She need to get a job ,if u don’t want the man u cant want his money ,so leave his credit card and do something to support yourself let him take care of his kids ,GOLD DIGGER.

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