Tilda Swinton Worries About Twins’ Safety

Tilda Swinton admits she frets over her 14-year-old twins Honor and Xavier. Currently promoting her new movie, We Need To Talk About Kevin, the actress says she’s never away too long from the children.

She says, “Twins. Just turned 14. I work at motherhood. Although I travel a lot, I’m never away shooting more than a couple of weeks. Very aware I’m responsible for their safety, my imagination works overtime trying to foresee any eventuality. I fire up. The problems expand in my head and take me to dark stuff. My imagination takes on all disasters.”

She also reveals that she never really wanted to be an actress.

Truth is I never wanted that. I desperately wanted to train horses, bring up dogs, be a gardener or maybe a gambler. I slipped into this and somehow always intend whatever movie I’m doing to be my last. Actually, I consider my lifestyle to be very orthodox, loving and regular.”

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