Jessica Simpson Is Radiant In Red

Mom-to-be Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson attended the 25th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards at Museum of Modern Art in New York City on Tuesday (November 29). The expectant singer/entrepreneur was radiant in a form-fitting red dress.

Jess said, “I like wearing things more fitted. You want to show off your bump! It’s just so fun. You don’t want to wear muumuus so you can moo around town.”

And the blonde beauty, 31, insists that her “glow” is actually due to body temperature! “People always say that pregnant women have a glow, she said. “And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death.”

Though there have been reports that the expectant mom is already in talks to sign a $4 million post-baby weight loss deal, sources close to Jessica have since denied the speculation, saying simply, “There is no Weight Watchers deal.”

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Photo credit: Fame/Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    I think Jessica looks great! Pregnancy really suits her! This dress reminds me a lot of the Dress Bethany Frankel wore when she was pregnant too. And i think a dress Lali Ali wore as well!

  • Whatever

    jessica is beautiful!
    congrats !!

  • Anonymous

    When are these celebrities going to stop flaunting unplanned, unwed pregnancies? Not good role models at all.

    • Anonymous

      How disgusting of you! I cannot believe you would make such an incredibly ignorant and judgemental statement! Marriage is a piece of paper that often ends in divorce and that people no longer take seriously. You would point your finger at people who are obviously in love and committed to each other? Marriage is outdated and there are MANY couples who have very long term relationships (myself included, for 11 years with a baby on the way) which have lasted longer than most marriages and where the babies were planned. Your statement is pathetic, rude, disgusting, and offensive. Idiot.

    • Anonymous

      It’s nearly 2012, it’s time to stop the ‘you have to be married to have a kid’ mentality.

    • Anonymous

      When are these celebrities going to stop flaunting unplanned, unwed pregnancies? Probably the minute they care what you think.

    • Anonymous9

      More than 70% of single mothers live below the poverty line. That’s an awful statistic. Although many single mothers do just fine, the stats say that most won’t. Unwed celebrities usually have access to money and help that most women don’t, and showing pregnancy/motherhood as this glamorous thing that we don’t necessarily need the father around for, isn’t necessarily the most responsible image to be portraying.

      • Anonymous

        You realize that not all “unwed mothers” are single, right? There are millions of families and couples who are “unwed” and live in committed partnerships, share a home, have a family together, etc. Unwed does not mean single.

  • Anonymous

    She looks good. Pregnancy agrees with her.

  • Heather

    Wow she looks stunning! I have been a fan for like 15 years and I am so very happy she is happy!!

  • Anonymous

    She looks great! When is she due?

  • Steph S.

    Her shoes do not match

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