Alicia Silverstone: “I’m Trying To Save The Planet”

Alicia Silverstone was recently at an event promoting her EcoTools collection when she admitted she doesn’t have time to create her own homemade products yet. The Kind Life author, who raises 6-month-old Bear Blu with husband Christopher Jarecki, shared that she barely has time for herself.

She tells People, “I have so little time to even take a shower. Maybe there will be a time where I’m making brownies for my kids and making soap, and that’s all I’m doing.”

Silverstone explained that it took time to live the total eco-friendly lifestyle she now incorporates daily.

It took so much effort to find out what products aren’t tested on animals — that was an ordeal. But then when I became into eco, it took out all of that: if you’re using all-natural products that have no toxic chemicals, it narrows the playing field.”

The Butter star also said that she shops secondhand and has difficulty finding specific products like shoes.

She said, “Shoes are a little trickier, but they exist. I’m trying to save the planet. I’m trying to save our lives.”

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  • Annika

    Well done Alicia, we need more of you!

  • SMH

    I agree. I wish I could be more environmentally friendly myself. I try to a little. But you don’t think about it everytime you buy things where it’s coming from.

  • NumNum

    She got fat…

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