Beyoncé’s Baby ‘Countdown’ Continues

Oh, baby! Beyoncé sure is having fun with her pregnancy!

In recently released behind-the-scenes footage taken on the set of her “Countdown” video back in late September, the mom-to-be is seen laughing and joking about her growing bump, chanting, “Oh, baby, oh baby, oh baby!” as she holds up the day’s New York Daily News, which features a picture of the singer on its cover with the headline (wait for it…): “Oh, baby!”

“Right now I’m actually shooting the video… And I’m six months pregnant pretending that my stomach is flat in bodysuits,” Bey says with a smile.

“But thank God, you can’t really tell from the front,” she adds, turning to show the actual size of her belly. “But we’re not turning to the side.”

Knowles, 30, is currently expecting her first child with hubby Jay-Z. Though the couple planned on keeping the sex of the baby a secret, Bey’s BFF and Destiny’s Child alum, Kelly Rowland, accidentally revealed that they’re having a little girl.

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  • Andrea

    She was six months pregnant in September? So that makes her 8+ months pregnant now? And she’s due in February? Oh okay.

    • Anonymous

      Who ever said she was due in February?

      • Andrea

        She did.

  • Anonymous

    40 weeks of pregnancy is 10 month

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