Jennifer Garner: Lunching In Brentwood

Actress Jennifer Garner was spotted leaving the Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday (December 1) after grabbing a bite to eat with a friend.

The 13 Going On 30 star looked quite comfy in a loose fitting layered red top and some gray denim pants as she chatted on her cell phone.

The actress was recently spotted stealing a few moments with her hubby Ben Affleck and their 6-year-old daughter (Happy Birthday!) Violet as they cruised around the streets of Santa Monica, looking very much in love and most of all, happy.

The couple – who are expecting their third child together next year – are also parents to 2-year-old Seraphina.

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Photo credit: Flynet/Fame

  • she is having a boy

    Thank you for the Violet birthday! Just wish that we could see what she did for
    Her birthday! Jen is going to have a boy.. Nice to see Jen and Ben in a lovey
    Relationship! Thank you !

    • Anonymous

      you wish that you could see what she did for her birthday? now that just sounds creepy…………

    • Anonymous

      creepy comment….

  • Anonymous

    she is really getting big!!!! i wonder when she is due. i am guessing mid/end of january.

  • carrie

    I am so impressed by her-she is one of the few celebrities who acts like a regular down to earth pregnant mom.. she doesn’t feel the need to run around in sky high shoes, tight and RIDICULOUS looking clothes when pregnant while trying to impress people. She also never acts like she is the first person to EVER give birth, like some of these other women do. She is a great example to her daughters.

    • Anon


    • ChiTownEggHead

      Wonderful comment. I agree 100%.

    • Anonymous

      But that’s the style of some celebs, so what? It doesn’t hurt YOU when they dress the way they want in crazy heels, so why knock them for it.

      Jen’s style is much more relaxed, always has been. No surprise that that carries through while she’s pregnant.

      Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, always wears tight clothes and platform heels. Why should she stop while she’s pregnant. That’s her “thing”.

      We don’t have to knock one person’s style to make another’s seem better.

  • Anonymous

    Jen looks amazing, yes she is having a boy due in February.

  • Mm.

    Jen and Ben didn’t announce the sex of their third baby. Just because some gossips have been saying it’s a boy doesn’t mean that’s the real deal. I hate when people take “sources” seriously.

    • Anonymous

      Especially when these sources are or are quoted by trashy tabloid magazines! I highly doubt someone like Jennifer Garner would have “friends” who give info to these publications, yet these “quotes” from so-called sources are all over the place.

  • Anonymous

    The “sources” are usually publicists who work for the couple. You just have to look at how big she is and she’s not due until february to see that it’s going to be a boy this time.

    • Anonymous

      And you know this because…………………………..? Or maybe just guessing.

    • Anonymous

      How does how big she is have ANYTHING to do with what she’s having?

    • hilary

      You are ignorant, but I’ll go easy on you because you are probably one of the teenager trolls that have been frequenting this site lately.

  • Mm.

    Women pregant with girls can be as big or even bigger than boys. I’ll only believe when the couple announce it like the Beckhams did. But in this case, that will be when the baby is born, probably.

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