Tori Spelling Was “Devastated” Over Tweeted Boobs Photo

Tori Spelling admits she was “shocked” and “devastated” by the recent photo of her breastfeeding Hattie. The snap, which was Tweeted to over 80,000 followers, was taken by her husband Dean McDermott – who was focusing on their 4-year-old son Liam – but had accidentally included Tori’s breasts in the background.

The 38-year-old actress tells CNN, “What am I going to do? I am a mom, I was nursing my baby. (Dean) was so devastated about it that I couldn’t be mad. I mean it was genuinely an accident. If you are ever going to have someone tweet a picture of your boobs, I would rather it happen now than any other time because when you are nursing, your boobs look better than ever, bold [and] beautiful. I just had my nipples insured, so yeah, it’s good.”

McDermott added, “It was a complete accident obviously. I took a picture [of Liam] and I sent it and I did not see [that] in the background….”

As for including their children in Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, the couple say it’s better than working away from them.

McDermott explains, “I would not have it any other way. We work so well together. We hate being apart from each other…I get to go to work with my best friend and my kids.”

Adds Tori, “It is a great job if you can even call it a job. It’s amazing. And when people say like, ‘Oh you put your kids on a TV show?’ It’s like, well, there is the option that I could be on a scripted TV series, I could be on a set somewhere 17 hours a day and I could not see my children at all.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Accident my ass. They do nothing for a living but exposing their life and kids to the spotlight. They need constant headlines to keep themselves in the news.

  2. Anonymous

    agree with 12:26…Now that she and her mom made up, she doesn’t need to do her stupid reality show, which exposes her kids to the limelight. I”m sure she can live off her mom. The thing that gets me is when the paps take pics of them, they pretend to hate it….go away!

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