Sarah Jessica Parker’s Twins: Street Chic

Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins Loretta and Tabitha looked like they were having fun with their nanny in New York City’s Upper West Side on Friday (December 2). The girls looked fashionably cute in matching blue and pink puffy jackets!

Their mom wasn’t with them so perhaps she was working at her new place? It’s been reported that Parker has bought her own apartment just blocks away from the family’s townhouse.

A source told In Touch magazine, “Sarah got herself an apartment that’s just for her. She met with the co-op board and said she needed a place to work in peace.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. sallyAnn

    Interesting bit of info, at the end, where it speculates on a possible townhouse purchase by SJP. Hopefully it is either, a. ” a fixer-upper” that they are going to renovate & turn over or b. a sanity house (where either one of the parents can go & spend the day/night/or weekend alone sans children. I just hope that it is not c. because a separation/divorce is coming. I realize that all of this, including the new home purchase, is just purely speculation at this point. It’s just a little bit unusual & unconventional, but hey! they are famous hollywood & broadway actors so why not?!

  2. Anonymous

    “she needed a place to work in peace” to do what?

  3. Samantha

    Sweet little dolls. Marion and Tabitha are beautiful!

  4. Anonymous

    Work on what? Another box office bomb…

  5. JLM

    her girls are so adorable, i just can’t get enough of them!

  6. Anonymous

    If I had cute little twin girls like Loretta and Tabitha, I would never want to leave them.

  7. arabella

    Sweet Tabitha and Marion.

  8. Pencils

    I wonder if they fight over who gets to wear the pink jacket? My daughter has a blue jacket, but only because I didn’t tell her there was a pink version.

  9. Anonymous

    at sallyAnn, it could easily be as a simple place to work in peace or take a break. They had an episode of sex and the city, where carrie turned her apartment into a retreat, with the likes of charlote taking advantage to distress from her kids. So who knows.
    But the 2nd apartment is just gossip, it might not even be true

  10. Anonymous

    Loretta is so beautiful!

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