Gwen Stefani’s Little Helpers

Musical mama Gwen Stefani had the help of her sons Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, today as she spent the afternoon shopping for Christmas supplies in Studio City, California (December 3).

Looking stylish as always – Zuma was sporting a leopard-print hoodie while his big brother rocked leopard leggings – the brothers lent a hand picking out holiday ornaments during stops at Sears and Wal-Mart.

Gwen, who is a designer as well as a musician and a mom, recently admitted that it can be tough juggling all of her various roles, saying, “I have kids! I’m a mom! I have school, I have homework. It’s a lot!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    Kingston looks like a mini pimp.

  2. Anonymous

    Where is the younger boy in the first picture? Seems odd that she would let him run on ahead in a parking lot!!!!

  3. Danielle

    I do feel these kids are fashion accessories. They never look like they can just play and be comfy, I wonder how Zuma copes with those skinny jeans when he desperately needs the bathroom. I suppose one of the several nannies helps him.
    Be interesting to see these kids when they’re older, how they will turn out and what fashion path they follow.

  4. SMH

    King and Zumes are cute however they both look like girls in these pictures. I saw her clothing line at Target and I thought most of the clothes were hideous.

  5. anon

    those are girls jeans from baby gap 😉
    not that it matters, but it interesting – i wonder if he actually picked them out himeself? i remember when my brother, about 23 years ago, wanted this shiny silver jacket from the limited in the girls section (he was 7) and my mom caved and got it for him – too funny. now boys wear jackets like that, but then it was kinda weird.
    i agree tho these kids rarely look comfortable!

  6. NYC Mommy

    I find it very odd that Kingston is wering leggings… I had no idea they even made them for boys… I am also not a fan of boys in skinny jeans and they sell them all over. I had to search in GAP to find nonskinny jeans for my 8 year old son the other day. I guess time are changing and I will have to rethink my old ideas.

    • Anonymous

      NYC Mommy – I hear you and I had the same issue at the GAP. I caved and ended up buying the skinnies for my 5 year old and between you and me, I think he looks rather silly in them. Oh well, live and learn.

      He was okay with it as long as it was denim, but I am quite sure I’d be overruled if I whipped out a pair of leggings for him to put on!

  7. Sheep

    My 5 year old wear denim skinny jeans and I think he looks adorable! But they’re not skin tight and he’s pretty comfortable in them.

  8. JennG

    I am sooo over Gwen S,she is just trying too hard.

  9. Anonymous

    kingston and zuma do look like girls gwen is pathetic

  10. Anonymous

    kingston and zuma do look like girls gwen is pathetic

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