Jessica Simpson’s BFF Cacee Cobb Is Ready For Babies With Donald Faison

Jessica Simpson‘s BFF and former assistant, Cacee Cobb just got engaged to Scrubs star Donald Faison, but the bride-to-be says that Simpson’s pregnancy has her thinking more about starting a family of her own than planning a wedding!

“All of my friends are having kids right now and it’s kind of like you want to have your babies at the same time,” Cobb tells People at the TV Land premiere party for Faison’s new sitcom The Exes. “I can’t imagine my kids not growing up with Jessica’s kids.”

With Simpson already months into her pregnancy, Cobb has some catching up to do. But what about her nuptials?

“I’d rather skip the wedding and start having kids,” Cacee jokes.

In the meantime, Cobb is enjoying doting on her friend.

“We haven’t had a baby shower for Jessica,” says Cacee, who adds, “[W]hen we do have it, it’s going to be great.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Trina

    He has 4 kids already, I doubt he’s in any rush lmao

    • Janna

      I had no idea he had ANY kids, but you’re right, he’s already got four! You learn something new every day.

  • Anonymous

    he has three kids with his EX WIFE…

  • India

    Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wliesy.

  • Yes

    He can’t take care of the four kids he has now. Is Cacee kidding me. He is never there for his kids emotionally. Donald just knows how to hurt his kids. He knows nada about their inner feelings. Donald needs to have no more kids in this world for what. Donald will have a lot to answer for to his God.

  • nutwingleft

    he is incompetent as a dad
    kids will be incarcerated in no time

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