John Lennon’s Son Julian: I Don’t Want To Be A Parent Like My Dad

Julian Lennon says that his rocky relationship with his superstar dad is the reason he’s reluctant to have children of his own. Now 48, Julian was just five years old when dad John split from his mother Cynthia, and he says he rarely saw his father during his childhood.

“He was young and didn’t know what the hell he was doing. That’s the reason I haven’t had children yet,” Julian said in a recent interview. “I didn’t want to do the same thing. No, I’m not ready. I want to know who I am first.”

Reflecting on his relationship with his parents, Julian says he didn’t feel loved by his dad. “Mum was more about love than dad. He sang about it, he spoke about, but he never really gave it, at least not to me as his son,” he lamented.

John had another son, Sean, with Yoko Ono and Julian says he always felt neglected in comparison to how the ex-Beatle treated his younger child. “I remember thinking, when Dad gave up music for a couple of years to be with Sean, ‘Why couldn’t he do that with me?’ Those thoughts haunted me for a time,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t seem to have stopped him from riding on his father’s coattails

    • Anonymous

      In what way?

    • squeakermama

      And please explain how he has done this?

  • Anonymous

    At 48 he has no idea who he is? He may want to look into that.

  • Anonymous

    Not to be mean, but if at 48 you don’t know who you are yet, I fear for your future.

    • ChiTownEggHead

      Thats not a very nice thing to say. Same with the poster above you. My mother is 55 and is just now in the last few years realizing who she really is. It was pounded into her head her entire life that she was this certain human being and had to live this certain way. She finally realized how unhappy she actually was and how all of those years she hadn’t been true to herself. She may be older but I would rather she realize it now than live a fake life not knowing who she really is.

  • Ashley

    Um, newsflash, Julian, you’re not all that “YOUNG” anymore. 48 is by no means old, but if he wants to be a part of his kids lives and see his grandkids born, then maybe, just maybe he needs to start thinking about having kids now. If he even wants them at all. If he has his first at 50, he’ll be 68 when the kid graduates high school, 72 when he graduates college, and then will he even be here when the grandkids are born?

    I’m not saying having them too young is the way to go. Have them when you’re ready, but also think about what you’re giving up and what you’re going to subject your child to far too early by waiting so long to have kids. That’s why I feel badly for Celine Dion’s kids. I mean, their dad has had ill health and he’s no spring chicken, so I wonder if he’s even going to be around by the time the twins are in high school.

    • Anonymous

      first of all, it’s better to have an old but doting father than a dick father who gives nothing but extra psychological issues. second of all, seeing how young Lennon’s favorite child was when he was murdered, I think that no age is a guarantee for anything. Better have children when you’re mentally prepared to give them what they need, or they’ll still be lost at 48.

      • Connie

        I have to agree with Ashley. All things being equal, I would rather have a doting younger father than a doting older father. For reasons beyond his control, my father was 45 when he had me. I am 32 now and fortunately, my dad is still with us. But the entire time I was growing up, I worried about his health and still do. Of course, there will be bad fathers and unhealthy fathers, regardless of age, but the chances are much better that, at the very least, a younger father will be around for his children and will not burden them too early with fears of his own mortality.

  • Anonymous

    That has nothing to do with what he’s talking about. Julian has done just fine on his own. I can imagine that lonely little boy waiting for some attention from his absentee father. There’s really no excuse.

  • Casey

    I believe Julian should have said he doesn’t want to be a father because he is too messed up in the head to try to do a good job at it. If he had sait it would so refreshing to see a celebrity intelligent enough to say that he/she won’t be a good parent. It’s a pity he didn’t do it. It’s pretty good to know that he won’t a be a father anytime soon.
    There are too many celebrities who messep up their kids and there will many kids who will be problematic after they grow up.

  • Georgie

    I love Julian. He’s so good looking. 🙂

  • squeakermama

    Julian, you have gone through alot with having your fathers name and history. I feel for you and always wish you the very best life has to offer. Much love and real peace to you and yours.

  • Anonymous

    You can always tell who is a young parent from their smug reactions to people’s ambivalence and midlife introspection. It seems straightforward that someone should have everything figured out by 48 but you’ll be mighty surprised at how little is figured out by then.

    • anonymous

      I don’t believe anyone suggested he should have “everything” figured out. At the least, an understanding that you will never know everything so waiting to have children until you do is foolish.

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