Nick Cannon: The Twins Are Talking!

They’re only 7 months old, but proud papa Nick Cannon insists that twins Moroccan and Monroe are already starting to talk!

“They say words, they do!” the America’s Got Talent host tells US. “Not too many words. Just mamma, dadda, and babba. That’s it!”

Having recently revealed that that he and his wife Mariah Carey plan to take the babies to Aspen for their first Christmas, Nick says that he’s looking forward to the break: “It’s the only time we get to relax!”

The busy dad adds that fatherhood has definitely changed his perspective.

“[Fatherhood] has probably made me prioritize my life better. Spend more time on the things that actually matter in the world [rather] than just trying to be too frivolous. [I] know that it’s a ticking clock and [my] kids are growing every single day.”

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  • Rosy

    You mean your babies are babbling don’t you Nick?

    • Anonymous 2


  • Janna

    I have no problem believing that they’re making noises that resemble words. Da-da is one of the first sounds that most babies make.

  • Anonymous

    Are they going to run to the media every time their kids do something, I mean really he had to run to US magazine because his babies are babbling are he and Mariah in dire need of money that they need to pimp out their privet life for money.

    • Anonymous

      They’re not in need of money, they’re in need of attention.

  • Rebecca

    Oh, sure. Babies babble. That’s just what they do, but doesn’t mean that they know what they’re saying…But what else would I expect from babies that were able sing, dance, and play the drums at five months of age… 😛

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