Paris, Prince & Blanket Jackson: Immortal Tour Red Carpet Arrival

Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson arrived at the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal tour premiere in Las Vegas on Saturday night (December 3). The event was held at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino and attracted guests such the King Of Pop’s older brother Jackie and his daughter Brandi.

While on the red carpet posing with friends, Paris was asked when she was going to make her professional acting debut. The 13-year-old exclaimed, “Soon!”

The Immortal tour is described as a ‘riveting fusion of visuals, dance, music and fantasy’.

Its aim is to take the audience on a journey into Michael’s creative world and imagination. The show will end at the hotel on December 27, and will continue on to perform for audiences in the U.S. and Canada until next summer.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    They were there with their cousins, it’s nice to see that they’re all close and out enjoying themselves as a family. The girl in the gray and paris are very pretty. Bless the Jacksons

  • Anonymous 2

    I believe the young lady in the middle of Prince and Paris is Giovanni Jackson (I forget which sibling’s daughter she is). But either way the pics were taken with family not friends. They always seem so happy. I’m glad.

  • EmmaH

    Paris is gorgeous!

  • SMH

    Paris is beautiful. I can def see her out of all the 3 kids being in the entertainment business like the rest of the Jackson’s. Blanket seems shy. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown just since their father’s death 2.5 years ago!

  • Ashley

    Aw, looks like they had a good time!

  • Jackson kids enjoy outing

    Paris looks exactly like her mom! With blue eyes & brown hair. It is nice
    Thanx celebrity baby scoop

    • Anonymous

      and Prince looks just like Dr. Arnold Klein. NO WAY he is not the bio dad of that kid!

      • Anonymous

        Oh right! and Arnie Klien also has vitiligo? because Prince has vitiligo now, hmmm who else suffered with the genetic skin disease of vitiligo? Oh wait, it was Michael Jackson.

        He passed it on to his son. Its a genetic with it, They are his children. And to even deny Blanket as his is you must have sight problems.

  • Ashley

    The girl in the middle is Michaela Blanks, a friend of Paris’. Rumor has it that she’s Billy Blanks’ niece. If you don’t know who Billy Blanks is, he’s the tae-bo guy.

    Paris will be on the Ellen show tomorrow to talk about her upcoming move and life for her and her family.

  • Anonymous

    Those three kids look nothing like MJ.

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