Jason Aldean On More Babies: “I Would Love To Have More”

Country crooner Jason Aldean and wife Jessica love being parents to their two gorgeous girls Keeley, 6, and Kendyl, 2 and although adding another member to their family of four would be nice, the couple have no plans to do so.

“I would love to have more, but we’re not going to,” the Big Green Tractor singer tells OK!. “My wife had complications with the last one that we had, and they actually advised us not to. Plus, we were done. We only wanted two anyway, so we’re good.”

There’s people out there who can’t have one, and that would’ve been tough, but we’ve got two healthy ones, and my wife’s healthy now. We don’t want to chance it by trying to have another one, so we’re happy.” he adds.

Maybe other dads would like a son to do certain things with but having two girls suits this country singer just fine.

I like having two daughters ‘cause they’re close to their daddy, that’s why. I’m a softie anyway, and after my first daughter was born, I was hooked. I really wanted another one – another girl. And there’s nothing cooler to me than being a parent, and girls are sweet and innocent – at least right now. I’ve always heard that girls end up being closer to their dad the older they get, and I’m hoping that’s the case.”

So with a country singer for a father, the girls must enjoy that genre of music, right?

“My oldest one loves everything. She loves my stuff, she loves Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood,” Jason reveals. “She’s been singing the Black Eyed Peas lately. She’s one of those kids that knows every song that comes on the radio. She’s back there singing it.”

He continues, “She likes everything. And we listen to everything, too, in the car. We listen to country and pop, rock. She’ll sing George Strait, then turn around and sing Black Eyed Peas. She’s the one who really seems to have the music bug.”

When Jason has some down time from his busy career, he enjoys heading into the backyard of their new Tennessee home from some RnR.

“We go and hang out at the pool, grill out there,” he says. “I’ve been teaching her how to swim. To me, that’s the cool thing. To be able to hang out and not really do anything, but get to spend some time with them.”

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