Maggie Gyllenhaal & Ramona Walk Hand In Hand

An expectant Maggie Gyllenhaal was seen walking her sweet daughter Ramona to school in New York City on Monday (December 5). Both in hoodies, the mother-daughter duo walked hand in hand as they headed to class near their prospect park neighborhood.

The 34-year-old Crazy Heart actress kept her growing baby bump undercover in a black coat. The adorable 5-year-old girl was dressed in stripes while wearing her backpack.

Maggie and her husband, fellow actor Peter Sarsgaard, are expecting their second child together. “Over Thanksgiving weekend, Maggie was telling friends that she’s six months pregnant,” a friend of the actress recently said.

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  • Anonymous

    i think when i will have children i will do like her, i’m only 20 but i’m thinking of that.

    I will wait until my first child is 5 or 6 and after i will have the second.
    I think it’s better, like that the first child will understand that the 2nd is his sibling, i will be in age to be a big brother or big sister.

    It’s not like u have your first child and 3years later the second, because the first is to young to really understand that the 2nd is his bro or sis.

    Do u agree with me??
    Im waiting your comment…

    • Anonymous

      Well..I agree with you. I am currently pregnant with my second…and Ramona and my first are only days apart! LOL.
      My mom and dad did it the same with my sisters and I….waited until one was 5 and ready for kindergarten before bringing another baby into the family. It worked out great…and for people who say the kids won’t be close. They are my best friends. My little girl is soooo very excited to be a big sister. She kisses my belly everyday. Its nice that she understands! Another big bonus….we won’t have 2 in daycare:)

    • Anonymous

      Guess what, biology doesn’t always care what you want. Just because you think things are going to plan, doesn’t mean they will.

      • Anonymous

        Birth control is pretty reliable, though.

        • Anonymous

          It’s kind of adorable how naive you are. You think birth control is the only concern? Guess what – you can’t just magically get pregnant at the exact time you decide you want a baby. Lots of people struggle with infertility, even young people. Even if you don’t have complete infertility, it can still take many months or even years to conceive.

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