Jason Lee “Definitely” Wants More Children

My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee is already father to his two children Pilot Inspektor, 8, and Casper, 3, but the actor claims that he isn’t done having children. The Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked actor recently sat down with Breezymama.com and discusses his greatest success as a parent, how he shares his hobby with his kids and how his on-screen parenting dramas parallel some of his off-screen parenting problems.

Before he got into acting, Jason was an professional skateboarder, rubbing shoulders with superstars such as Tony Hawk and even co-founded company Stereo Skateboards. He also enjoys sharing his love of skateboarding with his son.

” Yes, we skate together, ” the actor says. “It’s very cool. He’s really into [being 8]. It’s cool to be able to give him that, one day play baseball at the park and then the next day we’re skateboarding together. It’s kind of a nice mix of things we get to do together because of that.”

And just because his daughter Casper is only 3 doesn’t mean she can’t get into the mix!

“She pushes around on her butt, which is really cute, he claims. “She’s got a little bit of that tomboy in her.”

The Mallrats star reveals that his on-screen struggles with raising three spirited chipmunks in the movie can also be found at home, particularly with his daughter.

“Oh, boy. Are you kidding? Yes, my daughter of three. “Mama, mama, mama, dada, dada,” of course all that. “Okay, what is it? Uh-huh. Okay, totally. Okay, cool. All right.” “Dada, one more thing, one more thing.” “Oh, but it’s two hours past your bedtime. We really have to go to sleep now.” “Okay, just one more thing.” It’s so Alvin. But, then there’s that sweetness of Theodore in there, too, where you can’t not let them say one more thing because she’s so adorable.”

Jason also credits his success as a parent to treating his children as friends rather than kids.

I think the greatest success I’ve had as a parent is treating my kids like they’re my friends, in that I kind of look at it like they’re just like us but smaller, and they have points of view, feelings, opinions. They have things to say. They get upset and frustrated just like we do when things don’t go our way. And all of those weird things that have trickled over from generation to generation from my mom’s era, which was kids are to be seen and not heard, all that weird stuff that still has trickled over into this generation even. I try to do everything but that.As a result, we feel like we’re a part of a family, a group. And it’s not like we’re up here and the kids are down here. And it’s done a lot for their character, absolutely.

So is he and wife Ceren Alkaç going to have more children?

“Yes, definitely. It doesn’t matter [how many].”

Continue reading Jason’s interview with Breezymama.com and check him out in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked in theaters December 16th!

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    That poor child. What were they thinking?

  2. Rosy

    As long as they don’t give another child such a terrible name (should be illegal IMHO) then go ahead and have another one. That poor kid. I hope he has a normal middle name he can go by if he wants to.

  3. Anonymous9

    Another Scientology freak; they’ll have as many kids as they’re instructed to.

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