‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Wants To Change Her Life For Her Son

It’s been a rocky few years for Jenelle Evans, mom to 2-year-old Jace who is currently in the custody of his maternal grandmother, Barbara Evans. The Teen Mom 2 star has spent the last year taking parenting and anger management classes, battling her marijuana addiction, attending rehab and finishing off her court-ordered probation. She recently spoke with Us about trying to get her life back on track:

“I’m doing everything in the right direction. I’ve learned how to control my anger,” she explains. “My life just started spiraling out of control, my emotions were running wild and I didn’t know how to slow them down.”

I was having trouble quitting marijuana. I just had to get away from all the drama. If I hadn’t gone, I’m pretty sure I’d be in jail.

She claims rehab has helped her with her anger issues: “Now when I have problems with people, I confront them about it, but I’m civil instead of yelling. I learned it’s better to leave than have Jace watch me argue with my mom.”

However, though Jenelle may be making changes for the best, she says her mother still has her doubts: “She’s just really scared of me getting custody back, because I’m so close. She’s going to do anything in her power for me not to get him back.”

Barbara says her daughter “continues to struggle with motherhood”.

“I can never give up on my daughter,” she adds. “And it’s important to me that Jace has a close relationship with his mom.”

“I’m hoping the situation gets better.”

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  • Anonymous9

    And that’s why it’s not a good idea to have a child when you’re still one yourself. Babies don’t wait around for you to get control of your emotions; they actually need a parent not an unhappy older sister.

  • Emily

    After watching the latest episode, I felt so deeply for Jenelle. Poor girl. Her mother is a real piece of work. It’s not right for Jenelle to treat her mom horrible, but her mother instigates. A lot. So hopefully, with Jenelle trying harder, maybe the mom could put herself into counseling to help.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t feel sorry for Jenelle. She brought this on herself. She chose the actions that led to the path that she is on. When her mother was at home taking care of a new baby, she was out partying. When she’s supposed to be with her son, she’s with Kiefer. She is never with her son. Instead of blowing up at her mother, she could have chosen the higher path. She fed right into the violent temper she has. Is she this violent with her son? What happens if Jace breaks something and then she explodes? That’s not a good environment for him! I think her mother is the way she is with Jenelle because she’s very protective of Jace. Jenelle is self-centered and thinks of no one but herself. She is in no shape to be a mother until she realizes that motherhood requires sacrifice on her part, not her son’s. I don’t feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her son.

  • Kim

    Jenelle is a peice of work i doubt she will ever change the group of people she hangs with is the main problem to her.. She should never treat her mom like that no matter what her mom says to her. she shouldve just walked away. all the stuff jenelle done she done herself she would never be a mom until she grows up and stops hanging with the losers..

  • Sammi H

    I agree with Emily. We can’t fully judge Jenelle. Yes, she has had major issues as she has admitted, but we only see what the TV wants us to see for rating purposes. You can tell she loves her son, but I think I would go just as crazy as she did with her mother the way she is. Her mother obviously LOVES being in control of Jace and hurting Jenelle to some extent. Which is where I think a lot of her anger problems and turning to drugs came from. I think Barbara needs to get into some counseling as well. Good for Jenelle for seriously trying to turn her life around.

  • SMH

    I think Barbara needs just as much help as Jenelle. We do have to remember it’s a show and that much of it whether you want to believe it or not is staged. I don’t thinik MTV says go in and start a fight with your mom, then you two fist fight, throw Jenelle’s things to the curb. But I do think the whole time Jenelles mother knows she’s with Keifer and when she stole the credit cards. It’s all staged and nothing will make me believe that some of it isn’t scripted which I think is ashame.
    That being said, I hope Jenelle gets her act together for Jace. He looks like a sweet boy. There is nothing worse then living in an unhappy household it effects how you grow as an adult. I speak from experience. So for Jace I hope she and Barbara BOTH learn to control their anger towards each other.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Jenelle’s mom may be a piece of work but that is no excuse for Jenelle to act the way she does. I had a pretty shitty mom that was emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to me my whole childhood. She got away with it because she worked for CPS. I know many other women that grew up in similiar situations and they act nothing like Jenelle. some of them were even teenage moms. So to me that is no excuse. And the show is scripted and scenes are cut to make certain people look bad anyway so not many people know what truely goes on.

  • loni

    When I saw the last 2 episodes of Teen Mom I really saw how sick Janelle was. She has a real problem and am so happy that she left and went to rehab to deal with her addiction and inner issues. She has a lot of anger problems and low self esteem I just hope she can realize how great of person and mom she can be. I also really pray that Janelle and her mom can repave their relationship for themselves and for Jace’s sake. Family is everything in life. Janelle deserves more, Jace deserves more and her mom deserves a daughter who respects her and grandson (not another son!)

  • Anonymous

    Janelle is very ungrateful anf selfish. Her mom is raising her child while she goes ouy anf party all day. The way she talks to her mom is horrible. She is very lucky that she has her mom to raise her son because if not he would be in the system….

  • Kelsey

    Jenelle may have her problems and may need help and that is why they have places that help people..but i am highly betting that she got a big part of her attitude from that mother of hers. Jenelle is young and is still trying to have that teenage fun..that is probably why she has a little one, but at the same time she wants to see her child, she wants to be responsible, and she wants to just be a part of her kids life while trying to live her own

  • Anonymous

    I wholeheartedly believe that CPS should be intervening in this situation. Barbara may be more stable for Jace’s physical needs but the psychological damage to that kid just by the age of two would be Freud’s worst nightmare. Neither of them should be raising a kid.

  • Anonymous

    I so wish I could have one day with Janelle,she needs to put her son first and not some low life. I also agree Janelle mom doesn’tneed to have Jace either she yells to much and talks about her daughter like she is trash.well kids are and act how they are raised.

  • ashley

    i really hate your mom for what she is doing to you and your son jace when i get my facebook i’m gonna put you on iot so i could chat with you i love your son he is so cute looks just like you thats was a good thing to break up with that boy of something

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