Willow Smith Shows Her Colors For Charity

Willow Smith, the 11-year old Whip My Hair songstress and daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith showed off some interesting and colorful outfits while in New York City this past week.

Willow was in town in support of the ‘Holiday in the Hangar’ charity event on Tuesday (December 6th) which puts on once-in-a-lifetime events for sick children.

Emerging from her hotel downtown the week of the event, the eclectic singer wore several outfits while out and about with her dad and a friend. From a red sweater with a blue faux fur vest, leopard scarf and combat boots to a purple sweater, grey feathery scarf and shiny black jacket the next day – Willow did not disappoint with her usual fashion statements.

The day after the event however, Willow toned it down to black on black, where she came out of her hotel wearing black pants, a black pleather skirt, black jacket and a black scarf.

And while she might keep us guessing about her fashion choices, Willow had nothing to hide in her opinion of the time she spent at the event. She took to Twitter to write: “I just wanted to say! YAY NYC! :)”

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Photo credit: PCN/Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I think that she is not a very good looking girl !!

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, she looks like she fell in a box of dressing up clothes! Awful.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks ridiculous…and the more she’s encouraged, the more stupid her outfits get. She thinks she’s making a mark, and she’s really only making a joke of herself.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t particularly like what she’s wearing, but to call it ridiculous is just…. well…. ridiculous.

      She’s a child trying to find her style, experimenting like crazy, trying out everything. By the time she’s 30, people will expect her to toe the line and “grow up” so why not let loose when you’re a kid?!??!

    • Anonymous

      yeah you are so right, they keep promoting her and saying she is the next big thing and she is so wonderful and she always dress so amazing ……. but you know the only reason they say that is because will and jada are her parents…….. that is the only reason. which is sad because i mean come on the girl is 11 years old she is not even done with 6th grade yet, it is like give this girl some air let her hang with her friends, 11 year old should not be fighting off papparzi they should be being themselves

  • Anonymous9

    She’s a bit of an attention whore; wonder where she got that???

  • Trina

    Pretty girl but she dresses like a clown! My daughter could never leave the house dressed like this, “artist” or not

  • Anonymous

    Yep..she is not a good looking girl and always dresses ugly

  • anonymous

    Poor kid. Who the hell designs such a…the words are missing and thinks it looks good on a child.

  • Anonymous

    She’s rich!! pretty sure she could care less what anyone thinks of her. leave this CHILD alone.

  • Anonymous

    She looks adorable. If she was into drugs, wearing skanky clothes, short skirts, low cut tops, caked on makeup, then there might be a problem. Honestly, some people have nothing better to do than attack a little girl who has done nothning but show up at an event to support sick children. Get a life!

    • Anonymous9

      Seriously, she couldn’t care less about sick children. She’s there on a promotional gig, and it’s to promote herself, not those sick kids.

      • Janna

        If seeing this child makes sick children happy, then it’s all good, isn’t it?

        Besides, you have no idea how charitable her heart is. For all you know, she knits booties for premature babies. But hey, if a celeb doesn’t ANNOUNCE what charity work they do, let’s all assume they’re just selfish attention whores.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I get what everyone’s saying about her wardrobe, and I agree 100%. But, to comment on an 11 year olds physical looks, it ridiculous! Sans all the pathetic make up, hair and clothes, she’s actually a very pretty child, with them, she looks so sad 🙁 I am soooo shocked that Will and (attention loving) Jada, have put their young children into show business so soon! Well at least Will’s oldest son’s mother has some class, and allows her child to be just that.

  • SMH

    She’s a spitting image of Will which for a young girl isn’t really a good thing!!! Jaden got mom’s looks which would of better suited Willow but she isn’t an ugly girl but her clothes def are!

  • Janna

    How proud all of you must be, bashing the physical appearance of a child and calling her names.

    Your mothers must be so proud. Let’s just hope that none of you every have the opportunity to bring children in the world and teach them to treat others like you do.

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