Kris Jenner Dishes On Kourtney’s Pregnancy

Expectant mama Kourtney Kardashian may be too busy dealing with morning sickness to ponder baby names just yet, but her mom Kris Jenner seems to be giving the matter some thought.

“It should be Kris, of course!” she joked at today’s Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Breakfast. As for whether she’s hoping for a girl or boy, the proud grandma says, “Half of me wants it to be two boys or two girls, [because] that’s fun for a little playmate. And then, of course you want what they don’t already have, but I am happy either way. Just [a] healthy [baby]!”

Asked how she thinks Kourtney and Scott Disick‘s son Mason will handle big brotherhood, Kris replies, “I think he is going to be in for the surprise of his life, because he is going to have to share the attention.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Who care what this pig thinks or her trampy daughters. Just like the old phrase – “Fish stink from the head down”.

  • carrie J

    She has no talent- except for pimping out her daughters, and now probably her grandchildren for money-you know shes seeing $$$ for pics of this next baby!! This family has no class and EVERYONE I know has had enough of them!! We dont even buy magazines if they are on the cover- Cant anybody out there in TV land find a better group of TALENTED people to give $ to??

  • Ondine

    I enjoy the Kardashian TV shows but find Kris Jenner very unsuitable as a Miss America judge. I can’t believe anyone could observe her daughters’ appearance and behavior under her influence and think that is the epitome of female beauty, virtue and charms. Surely there is a more qualified judge available than Kris Jenner.

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