Michelle Duggar Suffers Miscarriage

It’s a sad day for the Duggar family. Michelle Duggar has miscarried in her second trimester. People reports that she and Jim Bob had gone to a routine check-up on Thursday to find out the sex of their 20th child when the doctor was unable to find a heartbeat.

Michelle said, “After the appointment, we came back home and told the children. We had just been talking about baby names last night and they were getting excited about naming a boy or a girl. It has been a real sad disappointment.”

I feel like my heart broke telling my children. They have all been so excited about this baby and looking forward to April coming around and having a new little one in our arms. That was the most difficult. The Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him.”

The family will select a name before making funeral arrangements.

This was Michelle’s second miscarriage. Her first one was when she was taking oral birth control. Because of that time, the couple decided to leave the number of children they have “up to God.”

It was only last month that the couple and their 19 children announced her pregnancy on the Today Show.

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  • Anonymous

    I think this is god’s way of putting the kybosh on her quest to have 36598 kids.. Get out while you’re still healthy lady and focus on the kids you have! Some ppl aren’t lucky enough to have 1 baby- she has many and should be grateful for them.

    • Janna

      Great. Idiot comment #1 out of who-knows-how-many-to-come…..

      • Giselle


      • Anonymous

        Does that make you idiot comment #2? ;P.

      • Ruby

        I don’t think the 1st comment should be characterized as idiotic – a bit brash, yes, but idiotic, no.

        Michele herself would probably agree that the miscarraige can be a sign from God to stop trying to conceive. She has always attributed her conceptions as a sign from God, so logically, she should accept that any non-conceptions would also be a sign from him as well. It’s much simpler than you’re making it.

    • Anonymous

      what makes you think that she’s NOT grateful for the kids she has? I believe she is very grateful for her family – I don’t think it’s fair to say that just because she isn’t trying NOT to get pregnant, that she is somehow not grateful.

    • Anonymous

      I do feel for woman that can not have children please know that! BUT why should the Duggar family stop at 19 just because there are families our there that are unable to have children? God has blessed them with 19 wonderful children and if He wants them to have more He is the one in control of this! I see it as they love all of their children, they care for all of them and they are prodividing for all of them! Whether they have 19 or they have 25 is totally between them and God!

    • Anonymous


  • Bonnie

    However anyone may feel about their family and lifestyle, this is a truly heartbreaking thing to have happen. Losing a child, especially later in pregnancy, is a tough thing to go through and my heart goes out to them.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to be mean but this should be a message – CLOSE SHOP before something tragic happens like her dying.

  • Anonymous

    When is she gonna go through menopause? Geez.

  • Anonymous

    Greedy Family. Maybe God is trying to tell them something. Six months and she will be pregnant again. SAD!

    • Anonymous

      Ignorant. Are you supporting this family? They should be allowed to have as many children as then can, they aren’t begging on the streets to support them. Or living on welfare.

      • Grace

        Yes, they are allowed to have as many children as they want. But they have whored every moment of their private lives out for money and attention, so other people are allowed to have an opinion about it.

        And they may be able to afford their children (thanks to TLC), but they are not raising their children themselves. They are forcing the older kids to do it. So, no they clearly can’t handle the amount of children they have.

        • Giselle

          I agree! But I still don’t think people should come on here and say cruel things, it’s just tacky (for lack of a better term)

        • Anonymous

          I love this family, have you ever thought that they placed themselves on T.V. to show other people how to live a christian life, not by having all the children but to so people that God is in control if you let him be. They are not forcing there children in to having multiple children or to enter into a courtship. And as far as TLC has anything to do with this, they already had plenty of money, they own several businesses, and didn’t need what TLC gives them. I believe that God wouldn’t have given them so many children if he did not think they could take care of them and with his blessings and help they do a fine job.. Let me ask one question do you believe in Jesus? I do with all my heart. He can do anything, give us life and take it away if he chooses to do so.

          • Grace

            First of all, no they did not have plenty of money before TLC showed up. Before TLC came into their lives those children were crammed like sardines into a 3 bedroom house.

            And saying that God wouldn’t give them children if he doesn’t believe they can take care of them is extremely faulty logic (if you can even call your convuluted reasoning logic) why don’t you go to some news sites and read about all the children who were born to parents who abuse or neglect them. Why don’t you google ATI or Gothard and read about the children God gave to people who are living in poverty. Or go google To Train Up a Child and read about the book that the Duggars used to advertise on their website, the book that instructs people on how to beat their children with plumbing lines. God gave people those children, and some of those people ended up beating their children to death. God gives children to people all the time who can’t properly raise those children.

            And whether or not I believe in Jesus is none of your business.

          • Anon

            I don’t believe in Jesus, and I’m so glad I don’t. I think it’s depressingly sad to impose strictures and rules on your life that have nothing to do with reality.

          • Lioness

            For the record, the majority people who “follow” Jesus GROSSLY misrepresent him, it’s disgusting. Jesus never asked anyone to impose stupid rules on their life, so you sound almost as ignorant as they do. Let’s leave Jesus out of this…

          • Anonymous

            don’t judge her because i bet you’re just as ignorant. jesus wasn’t born on 12-25, (it was spring) his birth had nothing to do with an evergreen tree wrapped in lights or santa claus, and easter is another big mess we wont get into. but i bet you jump right into all those ‘tradions’ and use jesus as an excuse to be a pagan.

        • Anonymous

          Well said. While they do seem like a loving, caring family, and one which I have nothing personal against, they have chosen to live their lives publicly, and therefor, under scrutiny. Just as they are allowed do decided the size of their family, others are entitled by free will to comment on it. Personally I think they will take this as a sign to consider what is healthiest for Michelle and her family. What a shame it would be to put one’s self at risk when they have kid’s who love them dearly.

        • Anonymous

          I agree totally !!! Without the TV show would they be able to support there family I doubt it !!!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh stop the nonsense, God isn’t saying anything. Their cultish faith is telling them to keep trying and her BODY is saying stop.

  • Sujinah

    A miscarriage is always sad but the Duggars should definitely stop having children. Not because having nineteen kids is ridiculous, but because they do not care about all of them. At least, not equally.

  • Maria

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I will keep you in my prayers during this difficult time, god bless you and your family and with your strong belief you know there is another dugger angel waiting to meat you someday, Many blessings to you all

  • Sabrina S.

    Sorry for your Lost

  • Rebecca

    This is tragic, and there’s nothing really more that I feel I can say. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps they should take this as a sign to stop reproducing..
    My condolences.

  • Anonymous

    Consider it a message to stop trying to overpopulate the earth so we all starve sooner. Its sad but not as sad as all the children in the world starving, beaten, abused and homeless because people like this would prefer to propagate their own genes not adopt …which shows they do not believe we are all related, descended from the first people.

    • Anonymous

      How many kids have you adopted? do you sponsor kids overseas? do you do missions trips? i bet you volunteer at homeless shelters, right? it is so sickening to see you critize them for raising their family, which is their right, when there’s not a CHANCE you’re a righteous person.

      • Anonymous

        How are THEY being righteous? They have 19 kids, there is NO WAY they can divide enough time to establish a strong relationship with each child individually. And from what I’ve seen of their TV show they basically make their older children look after the little ones. Great parenting there, your kids are really gonna love you for that. /sarcasm
        I really don’t see how this is much different to Octomom. It’s plain selfish and they need to stop.

        • DJ’SMOM

          ummmm, so what is the cutoff then?? Just how many children CAN one family have before it’s too many according to US society? And besides, what is the difference of Michelle juggling 18 kids (Josh is out of the house), or a busy career mom juggling 2 kids, a 50-60 hour work week, and household duties?? I’ve seen those moms slough their kids off more than anything, yet we don’t say such cruel and judgemental things of her. The fact is whether you agree with their decisions or not, the woman and her family just went though something tragic and are mourning a loss. My deepest condolances reach out from one Mommy to another.

      • Grace

        Whether or not a person adopts a child is not the standard of whether they are righteous. That’s a ridiculous argument.

      • Anonymous

        So you know for sure there isn’t a CHANCE that that person is not righteous for criticizing the Duggars for not being righteous…? You have the worst logic ever, and clearly care way too much about a family that doesn’t even realize you exist. Stop going on the internet and speaking your mind, please =).

  • Colleen Charest

    I can’t get over how negative people are here! The Duggar’s are not people who drown their kids, molests them, stabs them and leaves them in trash cans! You people that are bashing them really need to stop! A life with no heartbeat is devastating no matter how many kids someone has! She’s not going to have menopause as long as her body keeps producing babies her body hasn’t been programmed yet to slow down! If they feel they want to be done they will, if not we cannot judge!

    • Lioness


  • Anonymous

    sad, but this is not the worst that could happen, she risks dying during childbirth. when will they get the hint? i believe they never will…..well maybe jim-bob will when he has to take care of 19 kids on his own.

  • Anonymous

    So if she took her first miscarriage as a sign, will she change her lifestyle after this one? If it fits her motives she will…..

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely. She stopped birth control due to a miscarriage she had while on it and cited this as one reason the couple together decided to leave the number of children “up to God”. So now she has a second miscarriage but this time she says that the “Lord is the giver of life and he can choose when that life is ready to go on and be with Him”. So the first time it was the birth controls fault and now it is the Lord who decided. Interesting is all I am saying.

      • Kj

        By using birth control she was disrupting the natural act of God. This time she let things happen as they should, so she believes this was Gods will. At least this is from what I’ve observed. I’m no where near Christian, but it’s what she chooses to believe.

  • Anonymous

    I thing it is terribly inappropirate to say that this miscarriage is deserved because they have so many children. Ms. Duggar was well into her second trimester when she miscarried. It is the loss of a child, of a possiblity. No one should have to go through something like this, no matter how many children one has.

    • ChiTownEggHead

      I don’t believe anyone has said that her miscarriage was deserved. A miscarriage is never deserved. I believe what people are saying, and I agree is that maybe this is God’s way of telling this couple that their procreating days need to come to an end.

      • Anonymous

        Then you must believe that EVERY miscarriage is God’s way of telling a couple that they should stop trying to have children, right?

        • ChiTownEggHead

          Not at all. However, I am a firm believer in a Higher Power and I believe that everything happens for a reason. My personal opinion in this situation is that God just might be sending this couple a message trying to tell them to stop having children. Whether they take the hint or not is up to them.

          • Anonymous

            That makes no sense. Why do you believe that God is hinting to THESE people to stop trying to have kids, but not everyone else that has a miscarriage? The woman standing next to you right now may have infertility issues, may have had 5 miscarriages, maybe even a stillbirth. But God is not hinting to her?

            Maybe you could have God send a clearer message, because this one was mixed. If Michelle Duggar got pregnant, seems like God might be sending a message that it’s okay to have a kid. Then the miscarriage means it’s not? VeRy CoNfUsInG?!?!

        • Lioness

          THANK YOU!! The lack of thought of some of these commenters is astounding…

  • Miss K

    There are people all over the internet viciously slamming them and while I think it’s important to feel compassion for ANYONE who loses an unborn child, it’s REALLY hard to not look at them and blame their stupidity for this. This is not “God’s Will”. This is one woman’s tired body which is too old and too ‘used’ to have another pregnancy. Their last child was born 4 months early with severe complications to Michelle and they have the nerve to get pregnant again? They need to STOP because at this point, I believe they are breeding out of greed–greed for more fame and a ticket to keep the TLC train rolling. Not only that, I don’t believe that she is completely mentally healthy. She makes really bizarre statements about how she wants another baby to hold when she has a little girl who JUST turned 2, was a micropreemie, and has clear ongoing special needs (as evidenced by the most recent health scare in Israel). Even in the days before birth control existed, 20 kids was A LOT and at Michelle’s age, women ‘back then’ had a tendency to die in childbirth with a high infant death rate at birth. Nowadays, with modern medical care, chances are Michelle wouldn’t die but this is irresponsible, selfish garbage at it’s WORST. They need to reevaluate their views on birth control at this point because this was “God’s way” of telling them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let’s not have a trainwreck when she tries to get prego again and either miscarries, delivers extremely early, or has a disabled child.

    And let’s all not forget one MAJOR thing: This family is extremely wrapped up in a severe Christian sect known as Gothardism. Google it. Gothard people are a cult. No one talks about this. Someone needs to start. I think, just like Kate Plus 8, this show is on the verge of imploding.

    • Ryder

      I’m just curious at how you know she had a miscarriage because of her tired body “which is too old and too ‘used’ to have another pregnancy”. Are you her OB/GYN?

      Are you also suggesting that ANYONE who has a premature child with special needs should NEVER have another child? Or is it just the Duggars?

      As far as the accusation that they are “breeding out of greed–greed for more fame and a ticket to keep the TLC train rolling”, you have GOT to be kidding me?!?! Their first TLC special was made when they had 16 children already. You think they had 16 children because of their beliefs and then the next 3/4 for fame and money? Or do you think they had ALL of their children knowing in advance it would bring them fame and money?

      YOU don’t believe she’s completely mentally healthy, either. That makes you her OB/GYN **AND** her psychiatrist. That’s a lot of hats you’re wearing.

      Then, you impolore them to “reevaluate their views on birth control at this point because this was “God’s way” of telling them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Everyone bitched and complained when they had #19, too. But here she is, thriving. So I guess God was telling them that #19 was ok, but #20 was too much? Can you double-check with God and get back to us, since you seem to know what GOD is thinking.

      “Let’s not have a trainwreck when she tries to get prego again and either miscarries, delivers extremely early, or has a disabled child. ” Yeah, because that NEVER happens to people with only 1, 2 or 3 children. It only happens to people with 20.

      And guess what, idiot? EVERY major religion is a cult.




      • Grace

        There’s a complete lack of logic to your arguments. There’s a difference between a person having a miscariage with their first pregnancy and the position that Michelle is in. She’s had 19 kids (17 pregnancies) which weakens the uterus and puts the mother at increased risk for complications. She’s had 4 c-sections and has stated she would have to have a fifth c-secction if she has another child (this also puts her at an increased risk for complications.) She has a previous history of pre-eclampsia and she’s 45 years old (also things that increase the risk of complications.) Given all the risks involved, yes she should stop. That is, if she cares at all about her children having a mother who is alive.

        But hey I guess it’s easier for you to spout your ill-informed opinions and yell at random posters for daring to point out the risks involved than to go educate yourself on the facts of the situation.

        • Janna

          Grace, there is no difference between a person having a miscarriage with their first baby or with their twentieth because with either you should just express sympathy, empathy even, and wish that woman well. For some reason, the vast majority of people in the world and this message board can’t do that. That is shameful and just so sad. Is this what we’re teaching OUR children?

          • Grace

            Janna: I was reponding to Ryder’s comment about how the previous poster doesn’t know that the miscarriage was caused by this being Michelle’s 20th child. I was pointed out the lack of logic in acting like a first-time mom is in the same position (medically speaking) than Michelle.

            And I’m not going to express sympathy for a person who treats their children the way Michelle does. This is on less child that will be neglected, pimped out the media, and ignored as soon as it stops being a cute little baby.

      • Lioness

        Ryder, couldn’t’ve said it better myself. What these people really wanna say is this is “God’s punishment”… cuz if this miscarriage is “God’s will”, then so were the 19 kids before it. I love when people pick and choose “God’s will” to suit their arguments, hence the cults you rightly mentioned… all it really shows is that they know NOTHING about God.

    • Lioness

      “This is one woman’s tired body which is too old and too ‘used’ to have another pregnancy.”
      So what was the reason for her first miscarriage? A body too young and UNused?

      “They need to STOP because at this point, I believe they are breeding out of greed–greed for more fame and a ticket to keep the TLC train rolling.”
      Right, because before we met them, they only had a few kids, right? Now that TLC came along, they’re just gonna keep popping out babies, cuz THAT was the plan all along, I’m sure.

      Look, all sarcasm aside, at the end of the day, these people are making a choice to live life according to how it’s dealt to them. Believe it or not, that takes COURAGE, and most of us on here don’t have it- hence all the negative comments. Maybe her body’s tired, maybe her body’s smart (i.e. get rid of the baby if there is something wrong. Happens AAAALLLLL the time…). Maybe she accidentally ate or drank something that doesn’t agree with pregnancy… that’s how I lost my first pregnancy. We don’t know. And to be honest, we really don’t care, and we SHOULDN’T. Just wish the woman well, and be done with it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I’m appalled at the things people have said about this. Having lost a child at 6 months it sickens me that people would be so insensitive. A child’s like is gone, have some respect.

    • Janna

      You’re right 100%. It is appalling.

      I am forever surprised by the things some people will say about a stranger. This family has lost a child, but people use their misfortunate as a reason to ridicule the Duggars and blast them for not living their lives how others think they should. Have you people no shame?

  • Anonymous

    Her pregnancies are not going well now. Little Josie still has medical issues. It is most definitely time to pack it in, but they won’t.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, exactly.

  • Ruby&Lucymomma

    Wow, I can’t believe how cruel people are being! Yes, they have many children and no, most people don’t agree with their choice to keep having children, but come on! She lost a child, a living person that she felt moving. To them it’s tragic and heartbreaking, keep you nasty opinions to yourself!
    I’m sorry to hear of their loss, wishing them comfort!

  • Lioness

    What the hell are all you people talking about? A miscarriage can happen to anyone- all you self-righteous people talking messages from God should get a clue. If she gets pregnant again, and the baby is born full-term and perfectly healthy, what message will THAT send? To keep having more? Amazing how quick people are to judge. This woman lost her baby- she could have had 50 kids and the anguish would still be there. It doesn’t mean she loves her other kids any less. Don’t talk about what you don’t understand.

    I’m sorry for her loss- miscarriages really, really hurt.

  • Anonymous

    It must be sad for them, but perhaps they take it as a hint to stop.

  • Lola

    Sad news.

    Well, her body is probably telling her – please stop.

    • Anonymous

      Really? What about someone who has a miscarriage after just one baby? What is *their* body trying to tell *them*? What about someone who has a miscarriage after five babies? What is *their* body trying to tell *them*? After which baby did her body start telling her to stop?

      God, you people are incredible, really. You know NOTHING about this woman body or health. NOTHING except supposition and you feel GOOD about yourselves spouting such nonsense. It’s crazy really.

      All I want to know is: How many children should someone be legally allowed to have? What is the exact number at which we should start berating them and telling them to stop?

      • Grace

        You are wrong about us not knowing anything about her health or body. Thanks to the Duggars whoring out every moment of their lives – including their medical ordeal with Josie – we know a great deal about Michelle’s health. We know she had preeclampsia, we know she is over the age of 45, and we know she had 4 previous c-sections – go google any one of those things and you will find that any pregnancy Michelle might have from this point is extremely high risk and her chances of carrying to term with no danger to the fetus or to the mother are extremely low.

        But go ahead and bury your head in the sand and keep blindly worshiping this family while shouting your complete lack of logic at random posters. It won’t change the facts of the situation, and all it does it make you look incredibly foolish.

      • Lioness


  • anonymous

    Miscarage after 20 kids? It sure was a disappoinetement, but not for the kid, that would have a life, where noone is realy someone. To exist or to live? Thats the question. To love but how? Thats the question. How kind of life? Of, course, its good to live and not die. There is no doubt. To live, but how? If you cant make the life of a child a pleasure, why do you do this to this child? Which is more important: just to live or the way to live? I am asking myself: did she and her husband had 20 siblings? And can you make a normal person from a person that has your attention between 20 attentions? No, seriously. This way to make from someones life a pleasure is…unpossible. To have this child is an egoism, its not a Gods gift anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I really shouldn’t be surprised at all the pigs posting here that the Duggars should take this has a hint, that it’s a sign from God and that it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

    Maybe one day when it’s YOUR child that dies, maybe then you can understand that it doesn’t matter if your first child or your fortieth, it’s YOUR CHILD.

    Then again, I can only pray that you self-centered a$$e$ never have the chance and are actually infertile which could be fueling your rage against people whose LIVES HAVE NO IMPACT ON YOUR OWN. But if you ARE infertile, just remember that you should take it as a hint and that it’s a sign from God (according to YOU).

    • Anonymous

      Careful. You are making a lot of assumptions about a lot of people.

    • Anonymous

      the only reason we are all saying ‘its a sign from god’ is because the duggars think everything is a sign from god and he controls every aspect of their lives….they wont take personal responsibility for anything that happens. of course it isn’t a sign or any ‘god’ trying to tell them something…..it’s biology. SHE NEEDS TO STOP, whether she gets that message from her god or her obgyn, i hope she gets it soon.

    • Grace

      You’re wishing infertility on people while lecturing them about how they’re so horrible. Another fascinating post from Hypocrite Central.

      It never stops amusing me to see how those who lecture others about how they aren’t being nice enough to others seem to so quickly turn around and spew the most vile hatred towards others.

      You’re making a fool of yourself.

      • Ryder

        You do realize that people who viciously attack this family will raise other judgmental, bullying people, right? The world has enough bullies, and calling out someone for being a bully is not vile hatred.

        We can only hope that like most cowards, none of these tough talking online bullies would ever say something like this to people’s faces, but worse, they just might.

        • Grace

          First of all, no one is viciously attacking the Duggars. They are expressing disgust with the way the Duggars live their life. And I personally am happy to see that there are people on this board who are pointing out what’s wrong with the way the Duggars live their life and raise their children. It’s digusting to see the way the Duggars whore their kids out to the media, ignore them as soon as they stop being babies, force the older kids to be their personal slaves, and give them an appalling bad education.

          To say that you hope someone is infertile because they have a different opinion from you makes you the bully. And it’s really sad that you can’t see that. Also, you have come across on this board as being more judgmental than the people you are chastizing. Again, it’s sad that you can’t see that.

  • rachel s.

    Regardless if it was her first or 50th, suffering a miscarriage is devastating. My thoughts go out to her and her family.

  • Anonymous

    my prayers arewilth u all

  • Anonymous

    Losing a child is heart breaking and my heart goes out to the Duggar family. However, I feel that now may be the time for them to realize the risk of Michelle’s life and the baby’s life if they continue having children. God has blessed them with 19 beautiful children, all of which are good, God-fearing kids and they now have 2 beautiful grandchildren and more to come. Jim-Bob and Michelle should now focus on their children and grandchildren and not take any more unnecessary risks. If they would like more children, perhaps they could adopt a child. Again, my heart goes out to the family and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

  • SMH

    Anyone suffering a miscarriage has my sympathy’s.

    I had a feeling after Josie’s birth that if she got pregnant again something would go wrong.
    I think the Duggars are good people. We do not have to agree with their religious beliefs (I know I don’t) but I do know that they care about their kids. I don’t think kids for them is a way of staying on tv. They certainly could stay on tv just as they are now. Remember they didn’t get a show until they had 15 kids. Was it around 10 kids they thought, “hey if we keep going maybe we’ll get some publicity?” They only agreed to do the show if they could talk about their religion.
    They are not on welfare they don’t beg for money. They live their life and we cannot sit here and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.
    However with that being said I do find that she griped about birth control being a cause of her miscarriage or so she believed and now that she hasn’t been on it and had a miscarriage I wonder what she thinks of it now. Birth control is actually a blessing for many bc not everyone should have kids!
    I wish them the best but I do hope that they start to see that maybe just maybe this is a sign that her body can no longer support a pregnancy. Some women would kill to have 1 baby she has 19 and all healthy and thriving. That in itself is a tremendous blessing.

    • Janna

      I agree with almost everything you said, but then you jumped right into being hypocritical.

      Why should Michele Duggar see this miscarriage as a sign that her body can’t support a pregnancy? Using that rationale, then no one should ever have another baby after suffering from two miscarriages.

      Did you post the same thing on the Vanessa Marcil thread? She had two miscarriages, too. Maybe someone should warn Vanessa that her body just can’t support a pregnancy anymore. Some women would kill to have 1 baby, and she’s already got 1 that’s healthy and thriving, right? So she should be happy with that?

      • Anonymous

        YES. if someone is having multiple miscarriages there is a reason for it!! not everyone on this earth ‘diserves’ to have cihildren. its sad but true. if you knew anything about biology or natural selection you’d understand. this world isn’t all unicorns and rainbows and puppy dogs.

  • Audrey

    Let’s face it. Birth control is a relatively new science. My dad was one of 17 and not a one of them felt that their Mom should have stopped at least not before they were born. But because birth control is so readily available many people think it is something all people should use, and not just an individual choice.

    This family seems fine. They aren’t on public assistance and wouldn’t be if the shows stopped. The kids seem happy; none seem to be in a hurry to leave. Only the one married one has left so they must be content. They don’t all need lots of attention as many of them are adults not children. I helped with my siblings and my dad and his siblings helped with the younger siblings. It was called being a family.

    Miscarriage happens at all ages not just your 40’s. For me it was in my 20’s. And two of my first three grandkids were born to young mothers yet ended up in NICU and was has Down Syndrome. And no Down Syndrome isn’t just a risk of older mothers.

    In the end, their taking care of their families, their kids seem happy and content, they’re not taking money our of your pocket, they’re not pushing their faith on anyone. I emathize with them their lose.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they won’t take this as a sign to stop. They’re attention whores. If they didn’t keep pumping out babies like an assembly line at a factory, people would stop caring about them. If they actually cared about their children, they wouldn’t keep dumping the younger ones off on the older ones. If they actually cared about their children, they’d give them a proper education so that they’d actually have some hope of surviving in the real world where the bills aren’t paid by low-tier cable channel.

  • Anonymous

    having a funurel for a miscarrage baby is very stupid!

  • Anonymous

    ok u people that r feeling sorry for then u guys r very stupid dont u see what they r doing? they r doing it for the money duh. they need to learn to keep thier pants closed !

    • Ryder

      Give me these people ANY DAY over someone who can’t manage to type full words or use proper grammar.

      • Anon10

        Amen. I hate it when the post is so poorly written I don’t know whether to agree or not.

  • Anonymous

    I think that I’ll save my pity for women in this world who miscarry and would give anything to just have one baby.

    Hey, want to have sex and not offend God with (pure evil) birth control?

    Skeet skeet skeet.

  • katie newman

    you all need to realize what this has done to her you people telling her to stop haveing kids that this was a sign from god stop and realize that this was a bad thing to happen to this loveing family they have to be in pain right now but instead of sulking she is faceing the world head on so all you heartless people need to just not speak and hope that god doesnt do the same thing to you for your words , thank you

  • Anonymous

    How are they greedy?
    She is just using the healthy ovum that God gave her. It is not her fault that fertility occurs. She is simply using the healthy eggs that she was blessed with.
    Also, they’re not over-populating the world. Think of it this way, many people do not have children for various reasons. Are they under-populating the world? No.
    The Duggar children are taking the place of those children that are not born or those who are aborted.
    Whose place is it too say whether or not the amount of children you have is disgusting or not. At least the Duggar children are loved, supported and cared for. They are not molested or abused.
    Michelle is a great mum and Jim-Bob is a great dad. If you have read their books you would know this. Also remember, on the show, you only see what TLC wants you to see. That is, not the full picture. You do not know what they are like when the camera’s are not rolling. Of course TLC are going to show Michelle with the newest baby for the majority of the time. That is the whole point of the show…A new baby! A bigger number of children! That is what attracts viewers.
    Everyone needs to put themself in her shoes. They just lost their child for goodness sake. Instead of judging them, respect them and their lives.

  • Anonymous

    This is a sign! CLOSE UP SHOP!

  • Anonymous

    Having had a miscarriage late in my first pregnancy, I am truly sorry for all of your lost. Know that mine and my family’s thoughts and sympathies are with you all.

  • Ell

    This family are idiotic. Who has that many children & worse who chooses names all beginning with the same letter?!? Twats.

  • Jody

    Pregnancy loss can happen at any stage in a pregnancy. It often happens without warning and is devestating. For many women there is no reason because something just goes wrong with the baby. For other women there are other reasons such as blood clotting disorders and preexsisting conditions. Untill you have walked in the shoes one can never imagine. I do not judge Michelle nor do I think anyones loss is a sign from God.
    My heart goes out to this family and my prayers go out to them as they heal

  • Dee

    Having had miscarriages myself and no l didn’t have loads of children, l feel for Michelle deeply but who are we to judge how other people live. If people don’t like the way the Duggers live then stop watching the programme, all their children are loved and very well bought up, some of the kids in this world could learn a lot from them as could some parents. Live and let live.

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