Shayne Lamas & Family: Santa Meets The Press


New parents Shayne Lamas and her husband Nik Richie are getting into the Christmas spirit! The couple recently posted this holiday family picture of their nearly 2-month-old daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie on Shayne’s official website.

Proud papa Nik was very happy with the outcome of the Santa session stating,

“I am really proud of my daughter Press Lamas-Richie for stepping up against all the other babies this past weekend. Santa said that I had a boney butt and that my kid was the best looking out of all the other babies. Not even a month old and Press is a rockstar!- nik”

Check out some of their other posted family pictures too!

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Photo credit: Official Website of Shayne Lamas

  • Anonymous9

    Does the Christmas spirit require dumbass huge sunglasses?

  • Anonymous

    Stop posting about these attention whores.

  • Jenn

    Try obnoxious. They look ridiculous and this picture is The. Worst.

  • Miss K

    The baby is less than 4 weeks old, not 2 months. I went over to their family website and I have to say… I was disgusted. These people should NOT have had a baby. The posts they make are uneducated and shallow, not to mention ridiculous. She is breastfeeding yet asking stupid questions that clearly show she has no interest in actually taking proper care of this child. They seem more concerned with showing off their baby’s “closet” and pimping their daughter out. HIS posts are by far worse than Shayne’s. He says that having the baby’s stuff everywhere is “annoying”. They are pathetic. Not to mention that this child has THE WORST NAME EVER (and I actually LIKE weird names).

  • Anonymous

    How is this adorable? They look ridiculous with their sunglasses on.

  • Sophia

    Ugh, this couple is awful, and the baby’s name is…. well I STRONGLY dislike it, but that photo of Press scowling is pretty adorable.

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