Susan Levin “Can Never Stay Mad” At Robert Downey Jr

When Robert Downey Jr let slip the sex of the baby on the way during a recent late night appearance, nobody was as surprised as his wife Susan Levin. Fortunately, she doesn’t hold a grudge!

“I can never really stay mad at him,” admits the mom-to-be. “He came sheepishly… I was over at Warner Bros. (Studios), which is around the corner from ‘Leno,’ and he came through and he immediately admitted it. I was like, ‘Really?'”

“It wasn’t some preset gag, like they do sometimes – not at all,” Susan insists. “He said, ‘I should have followed it up by saying, ‘Well no, actually it’s a girl’ and let people be confused. I said, ‘But you weren’t trying to lie, you were actually trying to tell them what the situation was.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, good point.'”

Speaking on the red carpet at last night’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
premiere, Robert confirmed that his wife was very forgiving of the slip.

“No. Not really. She’s very sweet,” he said, when asked if he was still in the dog house, before adding, “If I told you the name, she’d lop off my head with a machete.”

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  • Anonymous

    If she can forgive all of his addiction related “slip ups”, what’s the big deal about divulging the sex of the baby? Was it a state secret?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe the drama or the need for secrecy (and I’m speaking as a parent) – seriously, it’s either gonna be a boy or a girl. He told someone….I can understand not wanting to announce a pregnancy in the first trimester, or if there is a problem with the baby, but the sex? Come on.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t see the interview, but this guy is full of himself if he thinks the world is waiting with bated breath to hear the sex of his baby. GMAFB!!!!

  • Ola Poland

    Come on People:) He is just happy due to the fact that he’s being a father for the second time:) I hope everything will be OK, despite Mrs. Susan is I guess 39 years old.

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