Tom Cruise: “No Sleep. Three Kids…You Gotta Go, Go, Go!”

Tom Cruise recently sat down with Extra and talked about his holiday plans and how he stays youthful. The actor revealed what he, Katie Holmes, Suri, 5, nearly 19-year-old Isabella and Connor, 16, will be doing around Christmas time.

He shared, “The family gets together and cooks breakfast, and everyone pitches in… I’m not slouch. I’m not a gourmet chef, but I can whip up some eggs. (We’re) gonna chill. We like taking those times. We really just all hang together and play games. We’re all just going to have a really nice, quiet time.”

When asked how he stays so young looking, The Mission Impossible star had an immediate answer.

No sleep. Three kids… you gotta go, go, go!”

He added, “I’m gonna be 50… July 3rd. I think we’ll have a big party. We’ll have parties somewhere, but I’m gonna be on the set, and that’s what I love doing.”

Cruise, who stars in the upcoming Rock Of Ages, sought singing advice from Jon Bon Jovi and described his meeting with the rocker.

He revealed, “I said, ‘Man, I’m gonna sing your song,’ and [Bon Jovi] just looked at me and said, ‘You know what to do.'”

With hours of rehearsals under his belt, he has found a new respect for dancers.

He said, “You know, dancing…my hat’s off to all dancers. I think they’re the best athletes in the world, those guys. Even singing, I had no idea… I’d do two or three hours singing and I’d go, ‘Man, I’m a little tired.'”

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  • Anonymous

    The older kids don’t seem to spend too much time with Nicole.

  • Alix

    Do Scientology kids not go to college? What does Isabella do?

    • Anonymous

      A lot of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Twi-hards, & Trekkies don’t go to college either.

      • Iris

        Well said! It doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as you’re happy!

    • Anonymous

      Both of her parents mentioned that she wants to study art. I don’t know whether or not she’s in art school, but I remember Tom and Nicole saying that a couple of years ago.

    • Audrey

      I’ve been curious too. And for those to follow, not because they are Scientologist, Trekkies or what. I just wonder if they have acting plans, or colllege plans, are sports minded, work, or just what. It’s just general interest as you might have with new people you meet. And since they seem to keep a low profile we don’t have a clue.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know what Isabella is up to, but Connor has been working as dj. I’ve seen some photos of him various events.

  • Anonymous

    The older kids don’t seem to spend too much time with Tom ether he always do movie after movie with very little break in between. Like it would kill him to be on daddy duty for a month or two, a week.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know how much time they spend with him?

  • Joxe

    They are such a close family! I admire Tom Cruise as a family man.

  • JennG

    Why do they celebrate Christmas if they are scientologists?You can’t have it both ways,pick a religion & stick with it!

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