Bob Costas Celebrates Community Heroes

Bob Costas is one of the most respected and honored broadcasters of his generation. The 22-time Emmy Award-winner – who is dad to son Keith, 25, and daughter Taylor, 21 – is set to host American Giving Awards on Saturday (December 10). The NBC program, presented by Chase, will be the first-ever televised celebrity tribute to community heroes. A total of $2 million will be granted by Chase to five charities that will be participating in the show.

Bob opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the upcoming program with entertainment from Taio Cruz, Miley Cyrus, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Dancing With the Stars champion J.R. Martinez, and a special tribute to celebrity dad Colin Farrell.

The celebrated broadcaster says he’s happy to lend his talents to this worthy cause.

I think celebrity is pretty much an empty concept and it’s an overindulged concept in our culture to the point of absurdity,” Bob says. “But what you can do, if you have some recognition, is you can turn that recognition into some good things. And I think a lot of people, especially that I have been associated with through the years in sports and in broadcasting, have tried to do that.”

As dad to two grown children, Bob says hosting American Giving Awards fits well with his family values.

“I think that’s always been part of what we try to do,” Bob says of teaching his kids to give back to their community.

“And my kids growing up in St. Louis, that was always part of what I tried to do with my time there was to do as many charity events as I could to work with causes in St. Louis and nationally,” the father-of-two says. “It’s a privilege that comes with recognition. And if you can turn that recognition into something worthwhile, then it’s a good thing to do and I would hope that both of kids kind of observed that as they grew up.”

It sounds like American Giving Awards is what the holiday season is all about!

Well it’s part of it, sure,” Bob agrees. “It fits perfectly in the spirit of the holidays. And I think it has an aspect to it beyond charity to sort of a competition in a sense. The winning charity will receive the $1 million grant. So it has a little bit of suspense attached to it beyond just the good works.”

While the vetran broadcaster agrees times are tough, he encourages us to dig deep to help others in need.

It’s difficult for people sometimes to dig deeper when their own economic circumstances may be less favorable than they used to be,” Bob says. “But everybody can, to the extent that they’re able. You know, it may not be as much for some people as in other years or as they hope it’ll be in subsequent years, but all of us, to the extent that we’re able, can help out.”

Tune into NBC Saturday, December 10 at 8:00pm/EST to watch the fist-ever American Giving Awards. And go to Facebook for more information.

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