Paris Jackson To Make Her Big Screen Debut

The King Of Pop would be so proud – Paris Jackson is heading to the big screen!

The late Michael Jackson‘s 13-year-old daughter has been cast in her first feature film, Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Kings. The British publication The Sun reported the casting news, and the movie’s official website – which features professional headshots of Paris – confirmed that Michael’s eldest child will headline the cast of the underwater fantasy flick.

The cast is an unusual one for sure; Larry King and wife Shawn King, N Sync’s Joey Fatone and Love Boat alum Ted Lange will share the screen with Paris.

The film is based on the fantasy novels by author Dennis H. Christen Lundon’s Bridge. The bizarre plot involves ancient sea wizardry that shifts people between species, with a dolphin turning into a human, a teenage boy into a dragonfly and a jellyfish queen who morphs into an evil fairy godmother.

And another thing that would no doubt make Michael proud – profits from the film will go towards funding the U.S. school system.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    She is NOT Michael’s eldest child. Get your facts straight.

  2. Deb

    As the first comment says…get your facts straight!! I have asked this before but is the site looking to hire a fact checker/proofreader?!? I’m available!!

  3. Ondine

    I can’t believe Michael Jackson would be in favor of his 13-year old daughter in show business already at such an early age.

  4. Ashley

    In an interview with Barbara Walters after Prince’s birth, Michael said that if his kid (and I’m assuming all of his future kids, including Paris and Blanket) wanted to go into show business, he’d support them and prepare them and lay it all out for them. He had people from UCLA coming to his house and educating the children about filmmaking. The kids, at least Prince and Paris, were old enough at the time of his death to really start taking interest in certain things. Michael himself once said that he thought Paris was going to be an actress. What Michael didn’t get was somebody to look out for him and protect him from certain things. The kids could have easily entered the biz under their father’s watchful eye. Sadly, nobody’s looking out for their best interest anymore. 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    “The King Of Pop would be so proud “…I think not. He did everything to keep them out of the public eye. He is rolling in his grave!

  6. Anonymous

    ROLLS EYES! If people scream nepotism and always hate on the Smith kids because they get roles then let’s be real she wouldn’t get any role if she wasn’t MJ’s daughter. I’m just sayin..

  7. Anonymous

    “Have you seen her act?” the problem is there are literally millions of kids who would love to act but producers won’t even look at them.
    Do you think she would get a part if she had to compete in an auditon with 10000 other girls? I doubt it. Many pretty talented girls go to such auditions. She wants to care for the world like her father?
    By using her position to jump the queue in front of other girls who are working hard to be actresses she is making the world a more unfair place.
    So far she is not Michael Jackson – he got everything purely on his talent, not by using unfair tricks.

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