Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Breakfast Beauties

It’s another busy weekend for the Garner-Afflecks!

On Friday (December 9), an expectant Jennifer Garner and her soon-to-be 3-year-old daughter Seraphina were seen out for breakfast in Brentwood, Calif. The following day, Jen took her elder daughter Violet, 6, to a birthday party in Santa Monica, Calif.

Later that same day, Jen and the girls were joined by papa Ben Affleck at the Creative Education In The Visual Arts studio in Santa Monica. Ben brought along his camera and took pictures of the waiting paparazzi.

Every year, the Garflecks prove to be one of our favorite celebrity families. Vote in our 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards for Jen, Ben, and their family!

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Photo credit: Flynet/GSI Media

  • arabella


  • JLM

    i love seraphina’s sweater!

  • dee

    Precious, just plain precious!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love how she dresses her girls – cute, but “normal” and not like little show ponies!

    • anon

      yeah, some people seem to have kids just for display purposes and treat them like accessories – put them away or pass off to the nanny when the show is over. fortunately, jennifer is NOT one of those people..

      • Grace

        You have no idea whether or not Jennifer passes her children off to a nanny and ignores them when there aren’t cameras around. And the way a person dresses their children has nothing to do with the kind of mother they are, and ridiculous that so many people imply that it does.

        • Janna

          All true!

          I also wonder why the people here see something wrong with people who “dress up” their kids. Gosh, I know tons of non-celebrity people who do this. How many women do you know that Ohhhh and Ahhhh over pretty little dresses for their baby girls. Since when did that become a BAD thing?

        • Anonymous

          Judging from the many interactions between Jennifer and her kids, it looks pretty genuine to me and they seem very happy and engaged when they are with her. If she was ignoring them when the cameras weren’t around and acting different, surely their confusion would show in the pap photos – they are a bit young to put on an act, don’t you think?

          P.S I don’t think how she dresses them reflects her abilities (or lack thereof) as a mother. Not sure who the “many” people are that you were referring to. Geez…

          • Grace

            You can’t tell anything one way or the other from pictures. Sometimes kids who are ignored light up when their parents pay attention to them because it’s the only time they get any attention.

            I’m not saying Jennifer Garner ignores her kids. Because I don’t know that she does. But I don’t know that she doesn’t either. And neither do any of you. You guys should really read some biographies and autobiographies about Hollywood actresses from the 30s-50s. You would not believe the number of actresses who paraded their children out in front of photographers, putting on the loving, involved Mom act, and then banished their children to the nurseries to be taken care of by nannies as soon as no one was around. It’s startling.

            And the many people I’m referring to are the posters all over this board who make comments about how it’s obvious Jennifer is a good Mom because she dresses her children really casually. Go back through the archives, theres page after page of people holding Jennifer up as an example of good mothering based on her children’s clothes and insulting people like Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, and that one who was married to Mario Lopez (can’t remember her name) for dressing their child up more.

          • Anonymous

            Yikes, I think it’s time for “someone” to take a break from this board:

            “Go back through the archives, theres page after page …..” You must have a lot of time on your hands. Enjoy.

          • Grace

            Just because I actually retain the memory of articles I’ve read in the past does not mean I have too much time on my hands. But go ahead and make your passive-agressive remarks. The only person you’re making look bad here is yourself.

            And I’m never more sure that I’ve made a valid argument than when the people who disagree can’t come up with anything to say in return other than making personal attacks. If you can’t do anything other than attack other people for their comments then maybe you’re the one who should take a break from the board.

  • Kristin

    This woman is the real deal and clearly loves being a mom (and for the sake of being a mom, not for the cameras). We all have our moments of frustration with our kids and “lose it” from time to time, but I’ve never seen this gal lose her cool with her kids — even when being followed and harassed by paps.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        i think you are talking about gwen stefani…

        • Kristin

          Hahahahahaha! Good one, ITA. The other poster is out to lunch, big time.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he taking pictures of the paparazzi? There is something about her that comes off as being very smug to me.

    • Anonymous

      maybe they have a restraining order against that guy?

  • Siera

    @Anonymous. This is just my opinion, but maybe it’s because Ben isn’t all that fond of the paparazzi and is just returning the favor. You know like the paps take pictures of them, they take pictures of the paps. On another note, the comment about her coming off as smug to you is a little ignorant. You can’t tell someone is smug just by looking at them. Unless you know her in person and have witnessed her personality firsthand you shouldn’t make a conclusion like that.

  • carolyn Robertson

    Seraphina is SO cute – love her sweater!

  • Anonymous

    Other celebs in LA manage to avoid the paps and are not seen very much.

    Jen on the other hand is seen on a daily basis and multiple times a day. She and her kids are overexposed.

    She does Nothing to protect her kids, instead she keeps going to all the pap hangouts. If she did not want to be photographed every. single. day, she would not be. FACT

    • Ryder

      She is photographed all the time taking her children to ballet class. Are you suggesting that their dance class is a “pap hangout”?!?

      Grow up, sweetheart.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, most of the pictures are of them going to classes, school, the doctor, or the library, or doing mundane things like going to get coffee or ice cream or shopping at the grocery store. What’s she supposed to do, lock the kids up in the house all day, every day? Not go to school or the doctor? Send someone else to do all her errands? (God forbid, then all the shrews would rip her for paying someone to do all the things a good mother is supposed to do.)

        • Anonymous

          Then how in the world do all the other celebs manage to get around LA without daily pics.
          Other celebs also do ALL those things but actually avoid the paps. It is possible to live in LA, go out and not be seen.
          Jen and her kids have their whole lives in pap photos and Jen could avoid that if she wanted to!!!!!!!!

          What she should do is find areas in LA without paps if she wanted to protect her kids

          • Ryder

            How do you suggest she avoid it? Send her kids to another school? Take them to a different dance class? Shop in secret in the middle of Idaho?

            Which celebrities do you keep talking about that get around LA without their photos being taken? Are they also going to the library all the time, taking their kids to school and lessons? You clearly must have someone in mind because you keep saying that other celebs avoid the paps. So who are they?

    • Anonymous

      Do you just cat-and-paste the same irrational, poorly-punctuated comment every time there are pictures of this family? We get it, you don’t like her. I have no idea why, but whatever. It’s so dull and tired – can’t you think of anything original to say?

  • Jen and family!

    She does not use nannies ….he is just taking pictures of everything..not just
    The paparazzi! It is nice to see them as a family … Jen does all the work herself
    Not like Angie who hands her kids off to her nanny after the cameras Re gone.

    • Grace

      Yes she does use nannies.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, she has stated that she does use a nanny. She just doesn’t apparently bring the nanny with her when she goes out.

      That said, there is nothing wrong with having a nanny, whether or not they go with you everywhere.

    • Elle

      How in the world do you know what Angelina does with her kids? hmmm. Do you live with them? Nope. Her kids seem very attached to her in pics, she choose to have kids, they were not dropped on her doorstep.

      And FYI, Jen has nannies, sometimes her daughters have been seen w/o Jen or Ben and with a nanny.

  • SMH

    Actually I believe they did have a law suit against paparazzi before. I think it was on people’s celeb baby page that we were told once they were not allowed to post pics of the affleck girls. But when they did everyone was shocked and they person said that the ban was lifted. I have no idea what it was about even though other websites had photos of the girls.
    I find them to be normal and agree they let their little girls be little girls. I would hate the damn paparazzi too. As much as I love coming to these sites I wouldn’t care if they were gone. I think one day you may just find a law passed to protect these kids from paparazzi photos.

  • Whatever

    Once again the most over exposed family in Hollywood. Jen, pimping your kids out isn’t helping Ben’s career or your’s.

    • marion

      Your comment is totally ridiculous and ignorant — why would an established, in demand actress (and a multi-millionaire to boot !) want or need the headache of being a constant pap target??? They know where she lives and know her routine. There is a market for pictures of her, so they have a huge incentive to stalk her 24/7. What’s she supposed to do, live like a hermit? DUH……

      • Wish

        Your comment is totally ridiculous and ignorant, she is neither established or in demand. Neither her nor her husband have had a hit movie in ages both are box office poison. She nees the pap to keep her name out so she remains relevant. Actual Hollywood stars manage to live normal “non-hermit” lives without their children being photographed constantly. It cracks me up that people still believe the pap just “happen” to be EVERYWHERE she goes.

        • Anonymous

          The paps don’t “happen” to be anywhere. They know where she lives and follow her around because her pictures sell. Get it?
          -Thick as a brick –

        • Anonymous

          You can believe that all you want, but that doesn’t make it true. Life must be nice in your fantasy world.

        • Ryder

          Your post is completely illogical. Jennifer Garner is not “established” as an actress? Are you kidding me? She’s been acting for 15 years and has starred in several succesful TV shows and movies. How is that not “established”?

          And neither of them is in demand? Then why do the paps take photos of them EVERY SINGLE DAY?? The paps only make money if they SELL a photo. Why would anyone pay for photos of an actress if no one wanted to see them? They take them and sell them because they ARE in demand. Do you just simply not understand supply and demand?

          I’m always curious when people go out of their way to knock a celebrity for some perceived wrong. What on earth could either of these people have ever done to you to make you so anti-them?

          • marion

            Thanks for defending my comment, Ryder. Glad to see there’s at least one other rational person on the site.

  • Anonymous

    Ben Affleck is the biggest TOOL in Hollywood. What an idiot. Acting like an AZZ in front of his kids. He is a horrible parent, worried more about being “cute” than his kids watching him act like a douche nozzle in public. He’s a disgusting human being, inside and out.

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