Sarah Michelle Gellar Totes Her Tot

Buffy alum Sarah Michelle Gellar and her daughter Charlotte were seen sharing a laugh as they grabbed a quick coffee after ballet class in Los Angeles on Saturday (December 10). The Ringer star toted her 2-year-old tot as she played with a teddy bear.

“My husband [Freddie Prinze, Jr.] and I both like our coffee in the morning and now Charlie has taken up to it,” the 34-year-old mom recently said. “Everything is Starbucks. [Charlie says,] ‘We need to go get coccee.’ We’ll be driving home at six o’clock at night and she’ll be like, ‘Mama need coccee?’”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. mememe

    Wow – baby number two is clearly on the way!

  2. Anonymous

    Just an observation, but I’ve never seen Freddie out with Charlotte. Are the paps not interested in him?

  3. Gemma

    She looks pregnant to me… anyone agree? Anyway, Charlotte is adorable!

  4. Anonymous

    I guess she is just wearing a wonderful bra….

  5. GG28

    She looks pregant but I don’t think she really is.
    Yes it is a pity that we never see Freddie alone with his daugther or even Freddie taking a stroll with his ladies :(!

  6. Anonymous

    For God’s sake, where’s Freddie?? He is never with Sarah and Charlotte. Sometimes i think he don’t care about her.
    I think she is not pregnant, the clothes isn’t helping. But…. we never know lol

  7. Julita

    yessss i thought that too (that she looks pregnmant again, and that loose sweater..



  9. klutzy_girl

    As much as I would love for her to be pregnant, it’s probably just the sweater.

    I’m missing Ringer since it’s now on hiatus! I love that show so much.

  10. anonymous

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought she looks pregnant…

  11. Siera

    Maybe Freddie’s not as comfortable in the spotlight as she is???

  12. Ondine

    Why is she wearing a torn and ragged sweater? I’m guessing the only possible reason to be it was knitted for her by someone special.

  13. Iris

    First thing I thought after looking at the pics was; This woman looks pregnant! But it could be her clothes and the way she carries Charlotte. We’ll know eventually!

  14. Anonymous

    I also thought when i saw this that she looked pregnant. If she is then congrats to her & Freddie!! I enjoy seeing her back on TV in Ringer!

  15. Anonymous

    looks like she might be pregnant again!!

  16. Anonymous

    Have you ever given thought that Freddie works and remember they value and respect their relationship being for them and not the public! Freddie has to spend much effort to develop financial and keep his financial situation together! His talent and opportunity is limited because of so many new male faces and bodies competing for tv shows and movies! Freddie is considered old news so hes got to work into directing, producing and developing shows for himself! Hope their family life is happy and loving!

  17. Whatever

    I like Sarah. She’s not out courting the pap’s like some of the other mom’s on this site. SHE is a class act.

  18. Anonymous

    Well… Freddie actually isn’t working right now. He looks after their toddler while Sarah works on the Ringer set! He is a “stay-at-home-dad”! I like the fact that we never hear gossip or speculations on their relatioship but it is sad we never see them together. There are many stable Hollywood couples (i.e the Afflecks or the Warrens) who are very private but we often see them running errands, taking the kids to the playgroud, taking a stroll… going out with your spouse doesn’t mean you make your love sotry public: it is just normal!
    Even non-Hollywood couples do it, so why they shouldn’t do that!? Their attitude is a bit weird to me. Anyway, I love them 🙂 !

  19. Anonymous

    i like sarah too. she is not seen too often by the paps and GOOD FOR HER!! more celebs should take note from her. and charlotte is just precious.

  20. Anonymous

    That Little Kid Is Latino And She Looks Like Her Dad

  21. JennG

    I really like SMG I’m glad she’s back on T.V. & her little girl is soooo cute!

  22. Sophia

    Pregnant again? I hope so, it would be so sweet for Charlie to have a baby brother or sister 🙂

  23. Anonymous

    Wait, everyone… isn’t Freddie a creative and writer for World Wrestling Entertainment since last October? He was there previously, moved on to 24 as Cole Ortiz, then returned to the company again. I think his participation allows him to be near home this time around.

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